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Hans im Glück started actively asking people what they would like to have in reprint last year. Awesome! A publisher asking- that's like candy flossed unicorn cake bubble bath make a wish, right?

Interestingly Saint Petersburg got voted most and that's what I kept fretting over the last couple of months. And because I officially suck at painting 100%ly realistic humans and am not ashamed to admit it.... and Irene was a perfect painting buddy for Carcassone.... she's in the boat as well. I'd like to mention that double chick power is rare in the scene so we 100%ly deserve the unicorn medal just for our existence. :B

More information about the original game:…

The official publisher statement:…
(sadly till now only in German language)

What will happen:
New artworks (Irene portraits/people.... I'm babying the rest from packaging to board game)
New 5th phase with cards
5th player included
New optional module

It's a lot of work for both the Hans im Glück team and us. Most people ranted it's "just" redoing everything but if you're teaming up with 2 people (Hans im Glück is actually only 5 people... it's NOT Queen Games nor Kosmos size, please keep that in mind) you end up spending a lot of time on a lot of details... did I mention it's over 106 cards (and that's only a part of the material)? And that's why it will be crowdfunded. The people asked for a reprint, we ask for giving us the chance to make it happen.

There will be regular updates (will update the links and information list later) and everybody who actually funds the project can be excited to get something -in my opinion- freaking special out of it. More on that to come.

The funding project will start in March but as far as I know the actual funding time frame will be quite short. The simple explanation is that we'll need a lot of time for the "after funding phase" since this is where the-for you- interesting part will start.

:star: First Update :star:

YOU can choose the background color of the packaging. I already have a favourite one and I kinda pray people will choose this one but in the end... it's your choice.
Survey's finished. Thanks for every vote! :D Over 1000 people participated and Jasmin's currently counting (but I suspect we'll have a petrol cover...).

:star: Last week in Munich :star:

We were in Munich and tested the new game phase....(gah, I need a hair cut so badly... and no time for minor things atm)

You might be able to guess what the new addition could be. I have to admit: Damn it's cool! There's a lot more interaction going on in every round and winning doesn't rely on chasing cards with a freaking high score point/money balance. I like!

Cheer for :iconengelszorn: as well because she deserves the praise.
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I sent your articles links to all my contacts and they all adore it including
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That is once again such a great project you get to work on and you're the perfect person for the job. Have fun and enjoy it. You got this!
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That project sounds truly awesome. I understand quite well your need to make everything look perfect. All those little details may be pain in the ass sometimes, but the result is well worth it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, so that everything goes smoothly. Plus I hope to see more of the art in progress if you won't have time for anything else xD
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We will 100%ly post progress pictures. That's actually also part of the fun. Some people might not like the new look (I know some hardcore gamers already ranted) but that's always the challenge.
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The painting's beautiful. I love it so far.
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Super - ich freu mich für euch zwei!! :D

"people even recognized the 2mm small fox prey on the Carcassonne tile"

Wir haben die Winteredition zu hause und die Details sind echt toll geworden! Weiter so!! <3
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Cool, das freut mich. :B
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OMG! GOIL! Ich spiel St. Petersburg quasi jeden Abend. TOLL TOLL TOLL <insert Begeisterungssturm>
trenchmaker's avatar
Hammer, na das ist ja noch das i-Tüpfelchen. :D
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Dann freu dich auf die Neuauflage *g* Die wird bombastisch, das sag ich dir. Sofern Crowdfunding Erfolg hat, natürlich.
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