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Am I late or what?!

Anyways... inbetween crazy deadlines for games and videos I had the pleasure to answer some interview questions for Tim from Boardgamebeaver. It's mostly about Carcassonne so if you're into it or games or my work (haha) maybe check it out.…

Theoretically there will be 9 games at the fair in Nürnberg I did or am still working on so if you wonder if I'm super lazy and couch all day: Sadly not. ;)

And to keep the mails at bay: I am booked out for 2017 already. Sorry.

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So.... last weekend the biggest boardgame fair took place in Essen. I missed out the year before due to my jaw operation so I totally looked forward to get back this year.
It's also the first year a company did a big game (aka one where you feel like a dwarf with huge game material) and I spend a lot of time with kids and their parents and the awesome helper, who made the whole fair a pretty damn good experience.

After 4 days the dice didn't look so good anymore. Who would have guessed kids love to pick at the foil print so much ^^;

The 4th expansion of Carcassonne (the tower) was also released along with a mini expanion (Watchtower).

I met some great people and chatted with artists as well (if somebody happened to walk by.. haha). It was cool to see that parents appreciate a good game for their kids and engage with them on fair.

On a side note:
The asshole father of one 5-years-old who basically left his little girl ALONE all the time on several days: F* you!!!
If you don't have time for your kid and don't want to spend time with your kiddies DON'T BRING THEM TO A FAIR. I can't put the anger into words I have towards this person. It's a big fair, people get regulary lost in 8 big halls and if somebody grabs your kid or lures it into "checking out a game over there"... it's GONE.
Kudos to all the parents who were awesome and caring and went there to play games WITH their kids. You are great. I'd love to see you again!

Hope everybody who was there had a great time. :)
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I joined redbubble... better late than never, right?…

I will upload old and new designs when I find some time. If you're particulary fond of something and miss it in the shop let me know. :)
Nothing interesting is happening and what's happening is confidential so... bleh. Let's say "OMG, SO COOL!!!"

You're most likely able to reach me via mail or LinkedIn or Facebook. I am still booked out till end of this year.

You will find me at the International board game fair in Essen in October Thursday-Saturday. If I get any details for possible signing hours I'll post it (would be rad but ... let's see).

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Today I checked my notes and I missed some inquiries simply because I'm mostly checking my mails and the channels I actually need for my job.

If you want to contact me please use my mail address OR LinkedIn. That's the fastest way.

I don't accept any commissions till end of November due to my current jobs.

Toodles, Anne :sun:
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.. actually joined ages ago because they have so super awesome fonts I fancy for commercial projects but I applied for a fancy shop myself and I got accepted. Yay.
So what's the fuss about?

:star: :star:
(it will get a cuter banner next week...)

I will upload a lot of my personal artworks. You will be able to get the original file size (most are merged Tiffs anyway because I tend to finetune on one layer) for a more than reasonable price.

What's the difference between standard license and the extended license?
This one is so easy to understand... it's beyond easy. Just check it.

This is especially for people who want a print and have a great local print-shop and don't want to spend shipping costs. You can get the image, print it locally... and enjoy it anyway.

Upload takes like ten million years and I only manage to upload 1 illustration per day because... slow internet. IF anybody is interested in a certain illustration to be available there let me know.

And I know... private work is kinda rare as a unicorn these days. I am not even sorry since work is so frickin exciting at the moment.

Anne :sun:
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Since I won't be able to drop everybody a personal thank you (but I'll try anyway), have a huge

I am by all means not the most active artist on this planet on Deviantart but I appreciate it anyway when I see nicknames and people I have been keeping tabs on.
Like... buhuhu-instant-happy-tears.

This year is crazy. Like... seriously crazy. I'm in the middle of my third music video production (not MY music video but A video I'm hired for) and currently staring at an unfinished illustration for game number 11 this year (which is amazing since I was sick for 6 weeks... ). Buh. So while I upload nada, I'm doing a lot.
For a lot of things the "can't show till out" rule applies and some I won't show because I simply can't but oh well.

I hope I can be more active in Jan and maybe do a stream or -if I come up with a last minute christmas card- I'll stream when the 30something ilustrations I still have to do are done. O_o

I will be as a normal visitor at the Leipzig bookfair saying hello to some artists when I'm done with the business meetings (this sounds worse than it is...). So if you happen to be there and want to meet or me standing on front of your booth ogling your stuff let me know where I can find you. ;)

What I learned this year is... a lot. I had to change and develop my style to something more "back to traditional" which was nice and felt right and finally breathed life into some work again. I know you can render a piece of art "to death". I did it for a while and I was frustrated with the result. And that's what I've been trying to avoid and find a compromise I can live with. So moving on meant moving backwards, moving sidewards and onwards again but the extra walk was worth the hassle.
I guess I will never be 100%ly satisfied but that's part of the progress.

So if you wanna know what's my current target group check out this video

That's also one of the game plans I love most and one of the games I spend ... way too many hours on but didn't regret a single minute.

A virtual Baumkuchen for everybody (sadly I can't send you a piece though I've just finished baking one for the studio guys) and a huge thank you and I'll be back more often... before I drown in pre-gamefair-season work again.

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Reaching out there (with my left hand :P ) to congratulate myself and the other 10% of world population for international leftie day.

I'm not going to write an endless journal about how daily life can be a struggle if you are a leftie. Just a short one. ;) If anybody is interested though I can make a longer journal about it though I'd say: Comment and tell everybody your experience.

Keep being awesome, a right brainer and to the right-handed mums n dads and familymembers out there:
This is the worst thing you can do to a leftie. My gramma was forced to write with her right hand in the 3rd Reich. She suffered from minor depression, stuttering, coordination problems and an awful handwriting for the rest of her life. I started to stutter when my left hand was in a cast and I had to do more things with my right hand. I ran into walls because I confused directions. It sounds funny but ... it's. NOT. You force a kid to go against it's nature.

So yeah.... :highfive: all lefties out there and the awesome stuff people keep inventing for us.

Happy Leftie Day- be proud and keep being creative. :heart:

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Seriously, this year.... keeps running away from me.
I am even slower with updating and don't even manage to keep up with it on Facebook. I guess I pray for some not so busy weeks but those seem to... not happen.

So what did I do?
At the beginning of the year I started freelancing for Pegasus games which is... AWESOME! (they did Munchkin, if you need a connection) and we finished 4 games this year. 2 before my operation, 2 afterwards. Deadline: to cry about. Like seriously... I was an emotional mess... with a broken jaw. Who got off pain meds. Talk about shitty coincidence.

Anyways the games are awesome and if you have a chance grab these. They come in German and English and have wooden game parts produced here in Germany by the old Selecta boss so you get high quality stuff.

Next to that... I was on a roller-coaster jobwise and at the moment it's a bit like being Alice in Wonderland stumbling around with saucer eyes wondering what's happening around me. It's exciting, exhausting, thrilling and scary. Sadly I love it.

I will study again up from September. Next to my job. We try to come up with a plan how to squeeze that in as well but I'm optimistic. I'm a bit scared but I guess that would happen to everybody if you're "back in university" after happily not spending a thought on it for over ten years.
Omg, I'm so old... ten years...

Otherwise: I'm fine. My jaw is still not completely healed. It sucks but I enjoy green faces of people who are unlucky enough to ask why I don't eat my veggies and ditch the healthy whole bread option (honestly, I'm still not able to chew/bite through a salad leaf so... yeahhhhh, raw food is kinda tricky).

My hubby is well, Hantje and Tretel are fine, my parents still haven't managed to kill themselves (or somebody else) in a wonky accident somewhere on this planet, I'm fooling my nephew into believing there are only educational games for the Nintendo DS on the market (baaaad auntie..... I know ;) ) and the world is still moving so... I guess everything is pretty much okay.

And now I have to work.... because sometimes test gamers suck and cause redoing a complete game. Duh.


Oh yeah and because I know some people from companies DO read these (yes, kiddos, beware what you write!): I'm booked out till February. Don't write me emails. Thanks.
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*gasp* No it's not about me, it's about Anja.
Anja had a lot of bad luck in the genetic lottery and fights to stay alive. It's either that or planning the funeral.

You can find her Gofundme page here:

She has an old account so donating per paypal is possible. If you can donate 3 or 30 bucks doesn't matter. Whatever you're able to spare, she'll be happy. Spreading the link will be a huge help as well.

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I decided to do a major clean out and started to sort through my art supplies. And there's so much I don't use anymore.
I found... so many things. 23 square meters and I feel like a dragon hoarding... stuff.
Graphire 3 pens- unused (seriously, how could that happen XD)
Antique Berlin manufactured nibs and pens for calligraphy (1940s...)- I didn't know I still had these, damn
tons of pencils
chalk- no idea why I thought I'd need a second set when I still work with the one I got 20 years ago from my dad...
more pens I'll never use.... crap
holy shit, so much more =.=

And I will give away most of it because it's gathering dust and I think some people might use and appreciate these. It's bugging me to have so much crap flying around eating up space. There will also be board games where I got too many samples and games I never used and won't likely ever play.

You will be able to find the raffles up from Monday on the chubbanimals facebook page. Keep in mind most things won't be exactly new but I'll check if the stuff is still working and safe or not before posting the goods.
The page:

No restrictions except NOT shipping to P.O. boxes and especially NOT friends. You have to have a valid shipping address. I already had one drama with a (I guess not anymore) "friend" who opened and kept the package goods and no thanks.

Obviously I survived the (8 1/4 hours) operation and I am fine but still looking like a (baby) blowfish and have a lot of trouble with a still partially numb face. It's like the "Oh jolly, I feel... something" bermuda triangle... everywhere. The nerves are acting wonky and sometimes a patch feels oddly cold or burned. I'm trying to be optimistic though. ;) Can't get worse... only better.

Anne :sun:
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Oh Wacom... seriously?! Highly disappointed in the Intuos Pro. WORST. DESIGN. EVER.

The full complain can be found here:

It might sound like I'm highly sensible about the left-handed problematic but... oh shot, I AM. It's unfuckingbelievable they didn't think about the possibility this thing could be used by a leftie who *might* have a teeny tiny problem with the cable.

If you wonder which surface protection my Intuos now sports: It's made by atfolix and it works perfectly. The surface is ultrasmooth and no nib killer.

Anne *grumpy*
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Wow, it's April. *addswearwordofyourchoicehere*

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy with the upcoming work-absence and a lot of stuff going on. I feel the day has not enough hours. Sometimes I think "nobody wrote all that stuff on the instruction leaflet of adulthood".
And since you likely only built a house once in your lifetime it's a bit stumbling around in the dark and again thinking that nobody prepared you for... this.
It's somewhere between being totally hilarious and bat shit crazy and scary.

Nevertheless... I partly switched jobs (more about that in... August I think) and have to work with the oldschool light table and scanner again and because I'm not into miniature painting I went for an A3 scanner. I feel too old for fiddling 4 A4 pages together in Photoshop and even the prospect of fiddling together 2 A3 pages annoys me.
The thing is: decent A3 scannesr are like unicorns. You likely never find one fitting all parameters. I disliked everything inside of the Mustek scanner (this is a very personal opinion), the Plustek still looked terrible (same) and so I went for the Workforce scanner. If anybody is interested how that 15 kilo monster performs let me know. There are NOT enough decent reviews of any A3 scanner out there so if you own one and are happy with it: Write a review and make desperate people like me happy. Also - if you really do- don't forget to mention if you use it for hobby stuff or professional work.
I would have loved to find more but either everybody is ashamed of theirs or it's so bad it's only useful for killing robbers.... I mean 15 kilos... that's heavier than my Venice architecture book (only by 3 kilos though...).

So if you wanna know if the Epson Workforce is any good, let me know. If it's NOT good, you'll get an additional review of the (totally overpriced... like really overpriced) Epson graphic scanner as well. For over 2000 Euros I expect the thing to scan my image AND colorate it as well... seriously.O_O

So happy Easter.
Since I'm busy with.... jobs and life: IF you want to contact me you should 100%ly send me an email to my yahoo address because I likely check these more often. If it's very important: I have Skype. And I won't use it for chatting about shoes and anime series, so please be so kind and use it only if you really need to know something very important. And don't forget to tell me who you are and what's your Dev-name otherwise you get instantly blocked. That's a precaution because I'm very tired of freaks wanting to "show me rather than tell me who they are". Seriously, it's *that* bad. and not very impressive.

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April-kind is a small company selling sewing patterns, cute plush patterns, fabric and basically everything else you will love... if you're into sewing.
Shame on me, I'm only a decent knitter and even worse in sewing but illustrating... that I can do. ;)

Schmidt Spiele licensed the Monstazzz (monsterrrrr!!!) created by Aprilkind and I love them. Even better: I am doing the illustrations for the little guys. Sadly (or not) there are many different characters to but I guess my secret favourites are Curly and characterstillaseceretdoh. :B Every Twonster has two moods (aka two faces) and they are cuddly, fluffy and simply fun.

You can check out the first official photos here:…

green one: Freddy
turquoise fluffy one: Curly <3
purple-pink one: Cherry (with her mean face...)
the blue one you see as an illustation only: Poppy. One of the small Twonsters.

In the background: sneak peek of the illustrations. And yes, these are... HUGE. 80 cm, 300 dpi....

So yeah... I'm busy with a lot of ongoing longterm projects and also with Carcassonne and... stuff.

The Twonsters will launch in autumn this year and I'm a little sad that I probably won't be able to see them at the SPIEL fair but who knows. Will post some more pics when I'm allowed.

Anne :heart:
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If this offends anybody: Trust, I'm offended by the things some companies want to do here as well.

What you as a European should read:…
There's a language selection on the right side of the page... btw. ;)

Where you can sign:…

For some people it might sound strange.... million of people collection signatures. Here in Berlin... it's nearly an annual thing. Do we want Olympia (nope)? Do we want expensive apartments blocks on the former central airport (heck no)? Do we want to charge for parking in the outer areas of Berlin (yeah, keep dreaming... no)?
We are allowed to have an opinion and if it displeases the government if the results are not in their favor I couldn't care less. ;) This is my right.

I have no idea if anybody actually knows how companies like Monsanto try to sneak into European territory. I like our ten million different corn types and farmers being able to sow their own seeds. I like the possibilities we still have. I love how many chemicals are banned here and will likely never make it into my food, skin cream or anything else.…

For the people who have no idea why I bitch about Monsanto:

... also interesting are the comments.

Since the dying of the bees was mentioned:…
Again... read the comments. I won't say it's the GMO- in the end it might be more the question of how much chemicals you have to dump on plants already modified to survive most of their natural enemies. In Germany we have the saying "Die Dosis macht das Gift" (the dose makes the poison).


Please take 3 minutes and sign the petition. Every signature counts. :sun:

Thank you :heart:

Meanwhile I'm busy with work. Plushies and games and sadly not for chubs but I won't complain since it's fun nevertheless.
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ladida the winner by trenchmaker

Miss :icongnac:
Congrats, girl! \(^_^)/

Thanks to everybody for participating and no, I hopefully won't do a points raffle again. Everybody who is looking forward to get a copy of Bad Bunnies or the Leiterspiel- I will try to get my hands on some copies when the editors are back from the toy fair in Nürnberg. :)

And to those annyoing strangers who sent me notes begging for points: just Fu*@#§ stop! >_> Seriously, it's as annoying as getting viagra mail and you will get moved into the spam (and block) folder as well.

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Damn. I accidently converted earnings to points and these 1713 points have been sitting in my account like... forever. Thing is... at the moment I don't want any prints and I promised myself that we'll decorate the new home only with photos, my hubby's dinosaurus painting (it's so awesome!) and some stuff I did. Plus the wall of fame with fanart I got. My subscription lasts some more months so no need on that front as well.

Anyways... usually I hate point raffles because the journal section is literally cluttered with it and I can't find the interesting stuff because of these.
But here you go. One time point give away thanks to half-wake accident conversion.

Fav the journal entry. That's important because otherwise your name isn't in the list for the winner.
No points splitting... one happy person will get all and that's it.

Winner will get picked by a number picker.

Deadline: January 24th midnight European (I'm in Berlin...) time

On a side note: Anybody who wants to donate Kulla or Chubbanimals Fanart for blank house walls is my hero. :D

On another side note:
I am part of a bigger journal entry Annie did. It's mostly for beginners and eventually interesting for some people. As most of you know I'm a chronic workaholic if I'm not a lazy bum napping on the couch so don't get scared of the answers. ;)
Should You Become a Professional Artist?Community Week
Do you enjoy art passionately and are considering doing it as your job, but have some worries such as;
        :oops: Will I enjoy it as much as a job?
        :oops: Will it be hard getting a job?
        :oops: Will I become a starving artist?

If you're like me, you're asking yourself those questions and are letting them give you a hard time deciding whether or not to pursue art professionally. My health teacher told me, as we digressed from our topic of smoking, that to know whether or not you want to do a job, you have to hear what it's like from someone who's already doing it. That's why I decided to do an interview with professional artists on dA to give me, and hopefully many others, answers to these burning questions and an idea of what it's like to be a professional artist.
Okay, well let's get to it then :la:
This is quite long so if you'd like to jump to a section, here are the questions I aske

If you have any additional questions let me know. Some people already used the option to ask me. I can't promise to have an answer for everything since I'm not an 8Ball but.... I'll try.

Happy raffle participating. And for me...  back to tea and board game tiles. Yay O_o

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I should work on tiles... I reall should. Oh well, the day still has some more hours. >_<
My 2014 was very upside down and though I thought I mostly didn't do anything it was quite a lot.
Therefore a tiny sum-up.


Pick Nick!

Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht Kartenspiel (it's like Pachisi with cards)

Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht Kids (with 3D figurines modeled after the characters :3 )

Big Deal (that was... quite interesting since it was mostly graphic-adaption work)

Adventure Tours (character illustrations by Irene)

Carcassonne Edition II (Cover by Chris Quilliams who can also be found here :iconchrisquilliams: )

Saint Petersburg Edition II (red card character and cover character illustrations by Irene)

Leiterspiel (that was... the trickiest game of 2014 and I had no idea it would be so complicated >_< )

Im Eulenwald which I already posted.. somewhere in my gallery

and one book for MacMillan (25a Lion Lights: springboard Connect 3 Readers)- that one is out in Australia... I think.

So that's been my year. O_o Roundabout 400 Illustrations. Yay O_o

What's more:
I got braces... the unsexy version. In probably 12 weeks my upper jaw will get sawn off, shortend, reattached and the lower jaw broken and reattached... if this sounds gory: Yes, it is. And no, I *have* to do it and I would have liked to get around it. >_> That's also the reason why I won't attend any convention or fair this year... and why I won't be working in April. I have no idea if I will look the same afterwards but I hope for the best.
If anybody feels like sending me something to cheer me up in April I'd totally appreciate it. \(^_^)/

I went property hunting in 2013 and we finally found something we liked last year. After endless negotiations and some nerve-wrecking weeks we (aka my hubby and me) own a very boring, very calm and awfully great piece of earth in the outskirts of Berlin. Since the city decided to built the inner freeway practically next to our appartment and I already moved 4 times within Berlin I was fed up, my hubby was fed up and I missed having... space. So we will move.
That's also the reason why I was and am working like a maniac. I have my first credit ever and it makes me batshit crazy to owe the bank money. The inner hamster is unhappy.

We had a lot of ups and downs. My hubby lost his job (and started working 7 days later at another company... phew), I lost my complete team in the studio, Tretel got sick and my parents went missing at the North Cape and I thought they finally managed to kill themselves by stupidity. Thanks god it didn't happen but it left me wary.

So yeah, 2014. I have no idea what to expect of 2015 but I guess it will be... interesting. I will upload more comic pages and I am working on these but I had no time to finish some. Comic pages are pure luxury at the moment. I miss them and I miss the interaction with you guys. Being an adult who has to pay bills can be annoying ;)

*slouching back to work on tiles*
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Whoa... life's hectic. Still. I won't be able to upload anything before Jan- mostly because I have jobs to finish and also because of Christmas and Tretel is sick. :( The fuzzball managed to sit too long outside and got a nasty bladder infection and you know how it works with humans... well, the same goes for him. Constantly running from one toilet to another. I fear a bit for my fingers since he's turning into a cat hulk when we shove meds into him. Bleh.

I wish you a merry Christmas (no idea if we will have one... eventually we'll have to stay at home tending the fuzzball), a great week inbetween and a great New Years evening. Make some good resolutions for next year. ;)

I already have three and those are the huge chunks. I have high hopes all three will turn out positive.

Anne Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 
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Whoa.... seriously, where went 2014. It cannot be November already!

First of all thank you for all the kind birthday wishes. I will try to thank everybody seperately and I have a huge list of Deviant users I wanna talk to anyway because I feel like I missed out a lot. I didn't celebrate on Tuesday because la familia is not in Berlin and I will see at least my parents, the in-laws and friends tomorrow.

Best present ever: I got a pink unicorn sweater. How cool is that?!
After my team was kicked out I said "I'm the last Studio unicorn" when somebody asked me. It's silly and I will wear the sweater proudly.

The last weeks were exhausting for me. I had to adapt to a new team, new seating on a different floor and a new job. I am as far away from the old position as I could be. It's a struggle. But I like the challenge and hope this will work out to my favour. A lot of the new people I work with are easy going and bear with me. I have to switch work days here and there and sometimes I have to work on a Friday. If you don't see a comic page on a Friday it's a work day. I'm sorry.. this happens when luxury (doing comics) meets "saving up for the move".

What I wonder:
Would it be interesting for you how to research? I did a lot this year due to different jobs and it's there are a bit more options than "google". And I see a lot of projects where proper research was obviously NOT done and it annoys me because it's not that hard.
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Hello folks!

Again, a translator is needed. This time I am looking for another team and again it's a payed job.

It's about a well known security software and the terms and conditions need to get translated- a bit (more) technical knowledge is a must. I don't have the exact word count but it's 3k up.
Please send me a quote (price per word) with your full name, where you come from (country, city), how you want to get contacted (email address is a must), age and short intro-text.
Original language is German, English text optional though the team favors German to French.

Forward if you like, share and have fun. I'll forward all offers. The team will contact you afterwards directly if the offer meets the expectations. And no, I can't answer any detailled questions because I'm not in the team. Just the messenger.

Anne :sun:
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