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October 13, 2012
where the chubs live by `trenchmaker
Featured by princepal
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where the chubs live

:star: :star:
(the actual page... like.. always)

OLDDD ... but I thought: Hey, somebody might see that those things cast zero shadows... so better excuse BEFORE it starts XD

My background image for my homepage. It turned out quite boring this time but I really wanted a clean design with no extra perks (except my ants are still missing... ants, not aunts).

One thing even my web-guru Maike complained is that my commission part is nearly empty. My "problem" is that I've been working on book projects for the last couple of years and if I've shown every single image of those the site would be stuck in hundreds of acrylic illustrations.

The background is a tweaked version of the forest where my Kulla bunny lives and represents my favourite style: Oldschool fairytale with 10% real world (that excludes all forgotten shadows)...

Anne :heart:

(who's gonna update the page soon again since I am stuck in so many commissions that I feel like a superhero :D ).
PS. for those who cry: I want a pretty homepage in flash as well... Maike's contact data are in the impress. :)

Thanks to :iconjmonzani: for his suggestion :glomp:
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Hi! can we buy this image?
tegoeh81's avatar
my email :

I'am from Indonesia

thank you
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lol I just made me as a character called Chub! xD 

I wanted to use her as a guide for my homepage, and then I found yours!! haha
Figament's avatar
Excellent style, reminds me of Studio Ghibli... ;)
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
is this the same area that I saw covered in snow? seems very familiar :)
yes its awesome!
UltimateDesktops's avatar
This is nice! I really like it! :+fav:
Hello, OMG I really love your pictures you have made.
I wonder if you could help me with, to making a picture that will be like a landscape, like the picture you have did here, 350px wide and 1050px tall.
I would be very happy. I will of course write that it was you who did it. [link]

trenchmaker's avatar
Sorry but I'm booked out.
ok. but can I ask you later?
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I only work for companies. Sorry.
ok :( so you can't do a exception?
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Would you ask in a supermarket if they do an exception and let you walk off with everything for free?

I have to live from my art. I have to pay my rent, my bills, my social security, food, my medical bills AND my pension of it. So no, I can't do an exception. You have to understand that everything I do for free means I won't be able to make anything for getting food on my table in that time.
That's the short explanation. It's not meant to be rude but to make you understand.
MiningForDegus's avatar
Ouch. Tight fit then. Hopefully you'll be more sucessful in the future. Great artists should be doing fine ^_^;
sorry. I did not know you were living on your art. I thought it was just your hobby.
maxxdamage01's avatar
cool site! too bad it's not full screen, I'm trying to make a website myself but i want it to be Responsive web layout
Nitayv's avatar
Awosome !
Can you please tell me what is the font of the signs ?
terthii's avatar
Love the style!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
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