mortal wombat
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mortal wombat... the final fight of wet feet versus everygreen gras... what should be more important? hehe

anyway... wombat for :iconsomeonestolecc: who´s recently in good old berlin and who gave me a plushie wombat to take care of (and squish it.... it´s MADE for squishing believe me).

thanks to Irene for helping me with the bloody background. Some might have realized that I am a lazy ass when it comes to details.

PS... that´s my version of a wombat... I know the real look a bit different but the cute factor wasn´t that high _-_

oh... and yes, the title was supposed to be like that. Some might realize why.

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JMPorter|Hobbyist General Artist
This is so fantastic! I love it!
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omfg i fuckin love it
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Great work. Hug 
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Rayalinn|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's very sweet! <3 You wombat is gorgeous and cute <3
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Goodnight-Melbourne's avatar
wish i could paint like you :)
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dodgewolf123|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Mendicant|Professional Artist
Aaaaaaaand now I've got the song stuck in my head again.

Anyways, beautiful work. LOVE the colors. :D
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MagicalMerlinGirl's avatar
Wombats are cooooollll!!!! :D
And this one too!!!
Ps. I've an own character, he's a wombat, called "Wickley".
Here are two drawings of him:
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jackolot8's avatar
This is awesome!
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kohaku-dono's avatar
I prefer your wombat over the real thing. ^_^ And I love the title!
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Twigzyn's avatar
So ridiculously adorable <3
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MyPaperSoul69's avatar
I want to love him forever! Oh my goodness I want such a cute little wombat now :3
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ARTruntelskerillo's avatar
F*CK !!!!! THAT IS SO CUTE !!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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SeeEffJay| Photographer
Eheeee! I love it!
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dounyashka|Student General Artist
Aw, so cute! =3
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Aluciel286|Student General Artist
The title made me lol....super cute! Love it!
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red-rum-revamped's avatar
It is awesome!! I love his little face :)
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D'awwwww that's precious
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aaaaaaaa i love wombats so cute
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DarthBerryCupcake|Hobbyist General Artist
I have this for my android. You should make more into wallpapers, they are so adorable!
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midnightstorm45044|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Clever title x3 That's just way too adorable <3 I love its chunky little cheeks :XD:
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Reealy cute! And awesome work! Love it <3
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