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The Reminder- chubbanimals page 39
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Because I worked till one in the morning and wanted to make up for the lost Friday... here we go. This time it's a bit more text. It's page number 6 in the original order and therefore one of the oldest pages. I think my puns and my coloration improved and Kiki got a bit more... hilarious... But I won't repaint it and let you enjoy "Kiki Origins" (the real claws! Adamantium is so 2006...).

I hope everybody gets the page. If not: the bzzz is the mobile's vibration while ringing...

And now I have to reinstall my Wacom. Hantje was a jerk-cat yesterday and jumped on the general electricity switch and accidently deleted two hours of work and messed up my tablet. I can't be mad- she miscalculated her jump but... it would have been nice if it didn't happen again.... like... EVER.

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The Evil Thing- chubbanimals page 38 by trenchmaker

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Have a nice Sunday, peeps. :)

Anne :sun:

Please comment and fav if you want to keep the mobile hidden, Kiki happy and page number 40 rollin. 40! Already! 40!!! Already!!!
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Comments (27)
AngelX-Studios's avatar
my cats are OBSESSED with sleeping on my phone... lol even if im trying to use it 
Reply  ·  
MiniDragonfly's avatar
MiniDragonfly|Hobbyist General Artist
Kiki, you sneak. :XD:  Some cats like the vibrations of mobiles, though.
Reply  ·  
culdesackidz's avatar
culdesackidz|Professional Digital Artist
heheh nice
Reply  ·  
TheGobo's avatar
This is friggin adorable
Reply  ·  
BubblyBunnyBash's avatar
ahh! so wonderful! hahah :heart:
Reply  ·  
happypou5's avatar
So incredibly cute
Reply  ·  
blendercraft1's avatar
blendercraft1|Student Digital Artist
This is very nice
Reply  ·  
kerriswift's avatar
Nope, not moving. Not an inch.
Reply  ·  
glowworm56's avatar
:aww: She's sitting on it--and mananged to get it on vibrate!
Reply  ·  
AkuDemyfan's avatar
Not a bad idea from Kiki! Luckily the phone's silenced. ;) Though, the owner's not too happy about this for certain! XD
Reply  ·  
TheVictorFoxMan's avatar
TheVictorFoxMan|Hobbyist General Artist
awww haha smart kitty
Reply  ·  
UchihaMandara's avatar
UchihaMandara|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Buhahaha! Your comics are always great - so cute and funny - but this time you've really outdone yourself with your hilarious comment :D :D (I'm still rofling)
Reply  ·  
RaymondAlbu's avatar
RaymondAlbu|Hobbyist Artist
How lucky can she get Clap 
Reply  ·  
windowhirl's avatar
windowhirl|Hobbyist General Artist
So adorable! I live the soft coloring style! That little kitty blush is too cute.
Reply  ·  
zemimsky's avatar
zemimsky|Hobbyist General Artist
deark Kiki - that is a free massage ;) just shush and enjoy ;)
Reply  ·  
Benivlsa's avatar
Benivlsa|Hobbyist General Artist
its cute and so innocent
Reply  ·  
Viper-X27's avatar
Just endure it and maybe they'll forget.
Reply  ·  
PegasusCreations's avatar
PegasusCreations|Hobbyist General Artist
Wie lange sie da jetzt wohl drauf liegen bleibt? :D (Big Grin) 
Reply  ·  
princess-mint's avatar
This reminds me of me friend's cat! She tends to sit on our phones and it is quite amusing when we hear it under her and she gives us a look like: that's right, I've got it safe. Come get it if you dare!
Reply  ·  
Hardwing's avatar
Cleveres Kätzchen!

Drück ihr die Daumen!
Reply  ·  
Ashqtara's avatar
Ashqtara|Professional General Artist
Gnihihihihihi. Irgendwie kommt mir das bekannt vor, nur dass es unser Hund war, der einmal auf meinem Handy lag und dann panisch aufsprang, als es vibrierte xD Ich liebe hier vor allem Kikis verschiedene Gesichtsausdrücke :meow:

Und aaaaargh, viel Erfolg beim Neuinstallieren. Natürlich passiert sowas immer vor allem, wenn man es nicht brauchen kann... ^^;
Reply  ·  
Scarlet-Nokitsune's avatar
Poor sly kitty doesn't want to get any shots. XD
Reply  ·  
Ninchiru's avatar
Kann es sein, dass Kiki in dem Top Panel keine Streifen auf dem Schwanz hat? ;)
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anonymous's avatar
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