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Stalker Kitteh Wallpaper

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based on a hilarious discussion, comment and kinda suggestion crane did here: [link]
and on my stalker kitteh comic: [link]

I had those situations mostly when Kiki wanted to leave the house in the middle of the night because she decided 4.00 in the morning would be the perfect time to pee. Treadle, treadle, wake up! *staaarreee*

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:D (Big Grin) Love it, so cute and funny
oibyrd's avatar
This literally made me LOL :D so cute!!!
geanera's avatar
This is great!!!
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I have featured this on my blog for cute stuff (Well it will be in a few hours cuz it's in a queue) and I just want to confirm that it is okay. You have been credited and there is a link to your profile as well as this image. If this is not okay just let me know and I will remove it :)…
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And I will stare back
EXO : Baekhyun Stare 
WhatHaveIDone2You's avatar
Just like my aunts cat xd
tvtable's avatar
Nice staring, creepy i think...
Stalking..... always stalking
horsesrock847's avatar
cute.... creepy...
DEADMANJAY631's avatar
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Are you sure that wasn't my cat !!! Every day at 4:30 sharp he mews until we feed him!!!!!
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Ahahaha =D Great!
saysoifyouwantto's avatar
kitty, yes, you do watch me!
This reminds me of my cat! I have woken up in the middle of night because I had that heebie jeebie feeling of something watching me. Id turn over to look and BAM my own personal stalker kitty starring at me!
GoryBlueCat's avatar
Why does this remind me of Eyeless Jack?
Timekeeper9's avatar
What a great, funny image!
DrawnArtist's avatar
Hey! I didn't give you permission to draw a picture of my cat!
littledevil531's avatar
OMG this is cute!!!!!
Ztasha's avatar
Stalker kitty is stalking.

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