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Maybe- Chubbanimals Nr 17
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Published: May 15, 2014
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I am so sorry so many people didn't get a tissue warning last week- I was a bit overwhelmed by all the reactions. It just made me really happy so see that stories squeezed into 8 panels can tug at your heart. I promise no tears in the near future. Up from next week it's gonna be funky and derpy again.

I'm sniffing with major head-ache at the moment huddled in a blanket and feel pretty bad- I hope the weird weather didn't get any more victims. Seriously I want summer, plzkthx! :/ And because I'm not in Berlin up from tomorrow you get your caturday dose a bit earlier. Enjoy!

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I'm Patches- Chubbanimals Number 16 by trenchmaker
To understand the bonding nightmare you have to read up from page 14... The rest can be read without order.

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Anne :sun:
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PinkieDashLoverProfessional General Artist
:( why he doesnt gonna se him mother :(?
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Polo-TayHobbyist General Artist
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KatsukiYarakineHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am trying to not cry.
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KormyraSekyriaHobbyist General Artist
Awww they are so cute, like my own kitties (or critters), I melt with these pages of yours, Nice work!
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very lovely  Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] 
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miri-chiwa Digital Artist
"you won't see you mommy again. like never" kiki is very mordant he makes me cry!! T-T
but he will be a very good brother!! n.n
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
Kiki is female- Patches is male. I think the only difference most people immediately recognize to identify gender is checking the back (much obviously and I didn't want to have tiny balls dangling around). I normally check the cheeks when I meet a foreign cat but this doesn't work for Kiki and Patches either so it's quite problematic- sorry for that inconvenience. Reduced style= maximum confusion.
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Where was my tissue warning for this week though? This one made me tear up more than last week.
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
Oh noes O__o I'm so sorry. Does it do any good if I tell you this week will be on the derpy side of the planet? I should give out warnings though it will always overstep something and if it's not sappy it's not politically correct.
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Poor Patches, cute little thing. Thank you for sharing your awesome art! :)
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meredith-greyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww, now isn't that just adorable? Patches just refuses to take "no" for an answer and good for him, you gotta fight for what you want. And apparently him being persistent is making wonders for Kiki too, which is really heartwarming. I have to ask - is that one frame some kind of metaphorical way of saying that even when the wind blows you in a face and you think you can't go on, you should stop and see the good in it (or make something good from the things being tossed your way) - like that leaf (being green) is supposed to stand for hope or something? Or maybe I'm just overthinking it.

And seriously, Patches and Kiki remind me more and more of my little cousins, their relations are somewhat similar - the older girl is always explaining things to her sister and she often does it in a very direct way that may seem a little bit cruel (though I never know her intentions).

I've focused more on the story and less on the art in this one, though I appreciate it nonetheless. Plus I hope you're feeling all better by now. Headaches be gone!
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
Oh wow. I start to wonder if people always see that much in the comic pages.
Basically I just paint/doodle down what pops into my head and I'm more the observer who's delivering what I see myself (in my head).
The goodie panel (as the second one is story-wise always optional) is for me a simple doh!-situation. Like "sometimes life slaps you left and right on your cheek and you have to bear it and keep on walking".

And yes, the behaviour is a lot like children interaction- you just have a lot more options to make fun of them. Sometimes I think their (the cats) behaviour makes no sense at all but you know their little brains are maybe wired so weirdly that it DOES make sense after all and we just can't accept it because we're so wrapped up in "you have to" and "it's rude if you do it like that". The brutal honesty you get sometimes is astonshing and looks mean but it's the unintentional pure honesty that always amazes me at the same time. You won't always get that from an adult.
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meredith-greyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't say for other people, but usually I don't try to look for a secret meaning to your comic pages, it just comes out of me quite unexpectedly sometimes. I always read it first, then look at every panel veeeeeery closely, hoping I can get some useful tips from that (plus usually I just have to stare at some of the elements since they're mesmerizing) and then I try to see the comic as a whole (keeping in mind the previous pages). And so once in a while I think there might be a double meaning. And then I probably miss some of the things that are really obvious :P
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Dina-MarchioriHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Shadow-da-HedgieHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is generally what happens. Cat will ask to sleep in bed, you say no, they'll just wait until you're asleep and do it anyway. XP
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I saw that frame with the leaf in the face so long ago and when I saw this comic I got so hyped. "I REMEMBER THIS. IT'S FINALLY HERE!"
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TheVictorFoxManHobbyist General Artist
awww this is sooo cute... but why be so straight forward?
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
Just got back from Hamburg but it's a valid question... for me Kiki is the "thinking BEFORE talking is overrated" type and she can be a (bit of a) bulldozer. In this case it was probably the last try to nudge him into "you might want to run away now... and never come back".
Thing is: Patches might never do that being who he is. Or not is... or will be.

There's a lot of might and could but in the end the characters are growing with me so I'm rather speculating myself- she might end up being not such a klutz in.... 100 more pages but somehow I doubt it. Sometimes they take a trip into idiotland and I'm suprised myself how it happens since I don't manipulate the original idea that mostly "happens on the go".

As I implied with "Kiki is for me" I don't want to talk anybody into agreeing or disagreeing with the actions. I 100%ly know she's not the best behaved cat and would probably make a terrible big sister. Or the best ever... who knows.
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TheVictorFoxManHobbyist General Artist
I think I understand. I can devise plots, scenarios, and whatnot with my characters, but they end up having a life of their own. is that how Kiki and Patches are?
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
Yes, pretty much. Mostly the ideas pop up out of nowhere or one of my cats makes something funny and I think "Oh, that'd be cool". I think the good thing about cats is that they are a bit /a lot like kids and they don't always make sense. Or they do and we don't get it because we tend to overthink it.
For example Hantje always starts to swat Tretel when he plays and in the beginning I was like "wtf, can't you share?!" But of course she can't share her playtime and why should she? I mean, just because they are siblings it doesn't mean she has to share. At. All. She's a cat. It's funny to see how miffed she gets before she starts attacking. It's like seeing a kid in candy store being the only one without a lollipop. Totally unacceptable! We tend to apply our behaviour and what we learned to "be correct" and the cats don't give a rat's ass about rudeness or political correctness.
In the end I could do a comic about toddlers/kindergarden. It'd be the same. Only less funny.
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TheVictorFoxManHobbyist General Artist
..... 0.o Patches as a CHIBI NEKO!!!!!!! 

And I thought cats play like that.. swatting
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m-u-ll-eHobbyist Traditional Artist
Word es eigentlich mal ein Buch dazu geben? *habenwill*
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