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Like a clock work- chubbanimals page 24
By trenchmaker   |   Watch
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Published: June 27, 2014
© 2014 - 2019 trenchmaker
Half time already! Only 24 more pages to go... till now. ;)
This is basically how I've been feeling since yesterday. My work place is right next to the window and I want so baldy the delivery guy to appear out of thin air and hand over the keychains ;___; Meh!
Btw the inner clock of my cats says 4:30 in the morning. I'd cry happy tears if it was 7:00... what's your wakey-time?

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Curiosity- Chubbanimals page 23 by trenchmaker

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:star: Please keep in mind today's the LAST DAY for the early bird keychain offer. :star:…

Anne :heart:

Please fav and comment if you like. :3
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AskScourgeAndJaypaw's avatar
AskScourgeAndJaypawStudent General Artist
3:45 am by cat and 3:00-5:30 am by habit
desireearies15's avatar
OMG!!! My cat Jules is JUST LIKE THAT!!!! She waits for my alarm to go off, and when she sees me reaching to turn it off, she is LITERALLY, ALL. OVER. ME!!!!
I have scratch marks and scabs all over me!!!Sweating a little...  :D (Big Grin)  Clap  Meow :3  CURSE YOU!  Heart 
Brlim's avatar
BrlimStudent Artist
spirit-squad's avatar
spirit-squadHobbyist Digital Artist
thses are the things we all did as kids
PantherStar613's avatar
PantherStar613Hobbyist Photographer
My work hours vary, but if I'm not up by 10am my cat usually gets very insistent! He is shut into the living room/kitchen at night, otherwise he will wake me up constantly for petting.
camaseiz's avatar
camaseizHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahaha! My alarm clock rings at 7.00. If I didn't wake up one of my cats sits on my bedside table and start to miaow. The other start to open every thing he can: the doors and the drawers of the kitchen, the drawers in bedroom, the wardrobe... :D
But sometime, like this morning, they start to do these things on 6.45... 
Ridingthelight's avatar
RidingthelightHobbyist General Artist
My cat's wakey time is between 5 and 6.. mostly 5:40. Then the other one is usually later, but of course she'll wait 2 minutes and then decide she also wants to be let out of the room.. So basically if one wakes up, I'm done. ;) (But I just throw them out and go back to bed, hahahaha)
dandiecan's avatar
dandiecanStudent Traditional Artist
Hello Puking Kitty Cute!
SayuriKurata09's avatar
SayuriKurata09Professional Filmographer
5:00 a.m.

6:30 a.m., if I'm lucky. XD
YasSmash's avatar
YasSmashProfessional General Artist
cutest little things
mistigri45's avatar
mistigri45Hobbyist General Artist
My cats inner clock was wakey-time was 7:00am and I was already very tired =_="

Now I live with my boyfriend and his cat, it's a clever cat he sleep on my feets, so when I wake up he knows it's "meow !" time :D
TheProtobabe's avatar
TheProtobabeProfessional Digital Artist
My cat was my 5:30am alarm clock every darn morning. She'd just sit there and go "Meow! Meow! Meow!" Over and over, just like the real thing, until I got up and fed her/paid attention to her XD
TheVictorFoxMan's avatar
TheVictorFoxManHobbyist General Artist
Lol awwwwww
meredith-grey's avatar
meredith-greyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh no! Is that truly half of the comic pages? I suppose I always knew there has to be an end to everything, but still... it seems so- final. I don't know why, but even though Patches is all big here, Kiki still looks more grown up. Maybe that's because I got used to the fact that she's older since very often Patches actually seems wiser, haha xD
And looking at this comic I'm starting to think I would really need an alarm clock like that. And I actually mean both the actual alarm clock standing on that chest of drawers ('cause it's adorable and interesting) as well as the cats, 'cause standard alarm clocks seem to have no effect on me. Still... I feel for you having to wake up at 4.30, hope Hantje and Tretel will give you a break from time to time :)

I didn't forget to compliment you on your drawing skills in this one - I just have a feeling I've already said everything there was to say :P
trenchmaker's avatar
trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
It's only half the comic pages for the 48 pages I 100%ly wanted to have but I guess when August os over and I have time to work on pages again there will be a lot more to come. I still have a lot of ideas.

The chicken clock is actually one I'd totally love to have myself. sadly I haven't seen anything like this (till now). What I had as a kid was this one (still have it... but it's a mechanical one so I don't use it anymore):…
It's a Sovjet clock but that's why I wanted to do a chicken clock. Sometimes growing up in the DDR HAD it's perks. ;)
meredith-grey's avatar
meredith-greyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm so glad to hear there might be more. Even though the current comic pages keep on coming every week ^^ I hope new ideas will appear for a looong time xD

That old alarm clock of yours is adorable as well! If I ever happen to find a chicken clock I will let you know for sure, who knows... maybe someday? :)
chrisj4040's avatar
chrisj4040Student Photographer
My wakey time is 4:30am. On the rare occasions when I get to sleep in if I go past 7:00 Felix, my 18lb black and white male, will climb up on my chest and start touching my cheek and nose with his paw to wake me. He's very gentle but if I wake startled it ends badly as he tries to flee. :lol: 
MEMartist's avatar
MEMartistHobbyist General Artist
my cat starts his day at 6:00 and expects everyone else to start their day then to. he's the perfect alarm clock... except he doesn't have a snooze button. 
Aiko-Hirocho's avatar
Aiko-HirochoProfessional General Artist
my cats do that too xD
artReall's avatar
artReallHobbyist General Artist
so cute83
GYRHS's avatar
Mine wake up at 4:30 and bites my feet to wake me up.... = ___ =
He sleeps with me but he ever leave me in the edge of the bed D:
J0W3x's avatar
J0W3xHobbyist General Artist
I love your comics, they makes me happy ! :) 
My cat meows in front of my door during school days.  hahaha :P 
Dezail's avatar
DezailHobbyist Photographer
Both mine are lazy kitties. They sleep in with us. (thank god)
The-QueenofHearts's avatar
The-QueenofHeartsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats sooo cute x3
anonymous's avatar
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