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Kulla- lets make tea

Gah! Where is my text?!
Anyways...a friend requested an illustration of Kulla for a colleague of us @ Tokyopop who cried over her broken Kulla mug. I decided to do a new illustration for her since I know she loves black tea as much as I do (though the strong northern variation with Klütjes). I hope she will love her new mug.
A lot of Minikullas for the perfect concoction! Seriously.... black tea with milk and sugar= like a warm blanket wrapping you up in winter.
Hopefully I can do the fourth book of the series next year. I reaaaaallly want to do this one since I still like the story line for this one. Or mini stories with Minibunny. :3

The mug is available here in the print store. Please click on print and choose the size you want. Don't know the difference in size? Check out Mugs- the difference by trenchmaker

Kulla © Anne Pätzke & Tokyopop Germany
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Tehehehe this is simply adorable!!
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I absolutely love this wrap. So simple, yet with such depth. 
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These are lovely!
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what a cute Kulla!! Love it~ :Woohooooo! :la: :la: :la:
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Awwww this is beyond cuteness, Kulla is just soooo adorable!!! ♥*o*♥ Love this little bunny! :love:
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So adorable! Lovely concept and well portrayed.
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Very adorable as always. Simple clean lines which convey well the cuteness and action. I wish she helped me when I made tea. :)
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Hehahah, sheeee is adorable. :P I'd totally want a plush of figure of her.
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This can be turned into a mug?!  OMG so cute.
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This is so cute and creative I love it!
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So Cute! Been a long time since you posted a picture of your little bunny, Kulla. I wonder what the 4th book is going to be about featuring her?
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n'aaaaw es ist wirklich flaaaaaaat! total niedlich :D Am besten ist die Szene mit dem Würfelzucker *^*
ich hoffe, es postet bald jemand ein Bild von der Tasse ;)
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OMG, I think I need this mug! The "black tea with milk and sugar= like a warm blanket wrapping you up in winter" is totally my philosophy as well and this mug would be like wrapping my tea in happiness. So cute! <3
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i always adore your Kulla's illustration and today with even the simplest  design possible it still beautiful and outstanding :heart:
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very cute, wonderful colors. love the simplicity of the characters.
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