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Kulla :cover book I:

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the cover of the first book.... originally it is 40x60 cm and goes around the whole book (front and back) but the back is only a tiny fairy and wood and a lot of water and sky O_o
peek the book: [link]=pd_ka_1/302-0213742-0107224?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1174256774&sr=8-1

some might ask why i am uploading the "old stuff". I like the cover, I guess except "the way home" this is one of the images I really like.... painting Kulla bigger than 5 cm is kinda strange. It looks too big as far as I remember a good thing is that you can see people holding the book up from 100 m :XD:

Acrylics on canvas
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This is a very cute character you have created. :D I'll be sure to check out the rest of your gallery when I have the time.
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blue-rose94Hobbyist Digital Artist
o3o my mom bought me this book~ i love it~
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Aww !!! I like it very much.but~

Can you give me a copy?
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so cute :love:
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BellalleBHobbyist Photographer
:bulletblue: featured: [link] :bulletblue:
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So cute! I love the colors. :3
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So cute! I love the colors. :3
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My friend in Germany just had a baby a few months ago! I will mention your books to her! I love your art, it is so precious, so sweet and I would love to someday see your books. They must be published in English and sold in the states and Australia also :? I see it only in German at the link you provided.

Wonderful work! I have favorited so much of it! :heart: Your art warms my :heart:
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
yeah, at the moment we have a problem with getting it into other countries because it´s "long" for a children´s book (56 pages whereas most will publish only up to 48). Maybe some day... ;)
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awww, well hopefully it will one day be in English and marketed in the U.S. and Australia. Maybe if you up the age a little (just to get the book out)?? lol If not, then hopefully one day I'll see it in a bookstore and definitely buy!! :hug: Til then, love your work, keep it coming! :heart:
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:D heute kauf ichs mir! :heart:
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
oh, dann nimm aber bitte die tokyopop-Fassung >_< (gelb)
und sag mir danach, wie du es findest
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:heart: ja ich hab die tokyopop-fassung... konstruktive kritik?
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
richtig, irgendwas zu mäkeln :D? Außer die Farben, die sind dank Scans nciht soooooo gut wie im Original :/ Beim nächsten buch wirds besser *crosses fingers*
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Nice picture!
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I thought it was oils when I was looking at it. I haven't seen very many acrylic paintings that are that well done and look so thick layered and not watery. Very cool. Kulla is so sweet, this is a children's book, correct? I think the children I work with would really enjoy such a unique character ^___^
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Oh my god. WAIT A SECOND. You're the one who does Kulla???

A little more than a year ago I picked up a sticker of this painting. (In Berlin.) Ever since I've wondered what it was. Now, like 15 minutes ago, I was just browsing around DA and started looking at your gallery, and I realized you did that painting.

What a small world?

Now I just need to get better at German so I can find a copy of this book and read it.

This is adorable, by the way.
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
haha... yes, I am the one. Where did you find the Kulla-Stickers? You mean the one in square-formast, right? ^^;

And yes, it is a really small world. :heart:
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Yep, the square ones.
It was in some store. I think it was called T J-Shop, or something along those lines.
I think they were just out on the counter.

Connections like this always make me really happy.
Especially since the last time I tried to figure out what Kulla was I spoke like 2 words of German. Not that I really speak much more now.
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trenchmakerProfessional Digital Artist
hm... we have only two good comic shops in Berlin which means that you might have been in the "Grober Unfug" or the "Modern Graphics" O_o (--> they have the stickers... I have no idea whether the other smaller stores got a delivery or not).

Kulla is about... well... most people think "Aw, she´s totally alone in the wood, so poor" but basically it is about being nice and "what comes around goes around" (but in a nice way), friendship and so on. Some reporter in Germany called it "simple" but I guess he haven´t read it yet or didn´t understand what I wanted to say with the book. Anyway, it´s quite complicated to understand something if you don´t have a link to your childhood memories and dreams anymore. >_>...
I talk too much :yum:
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No, the place was definitely called the J-Store or J-Shop. It had a website too, but I can't find it now.

That sounds really nice. I'll definitely buy a copy if I can. ^^

You don't talk too much at all.
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Simply adorable =)
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aww cutie!
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