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In The Clouds Wallpaper

By trenchmaker
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actually I had it finished on Friday but since I had to leave in a rush (family bday party... and I had the cake, so no way I could be late >_< ) I thought weee... can still do on Sunday.

The fluffiest albino alpaca are so rare you won't see them too often because they tend to hide amongst "friends". They also have very bad eye-sight and have a problem to keep family apart from clouds. It's really problematic... especially if one falls in love with a pretty fluffy thing that evaporates into nada.
... you really have to pity them. And cuddle... and... pity.

Again you get a wallpaper freebie *whoot*. If I get up to nine, I do three specials and put everything together as a calendar. Rainbow version on LSD O_O

Anne :sun:
Cross your fingers for me for the next seven days. :B I have to finish a deadline.... the next paca will come when it's finished.

Whipped Cream Wallpaper
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I had a similar idea a while ago but it never went anywhere, I guess it wasn't as original as I thought.
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Oh my gawd! Absolutely adorable! Most adorable thing I've seen all day! If not all week!
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Ahh I'll explode of cuteness!
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My ultimate favourite wallpaper C:
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That's so fluffy and so cute and so... *cuteness overload* :love:
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aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww :huggle:
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аааа. I love lambs
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i was looking for a new background. Lucky me, here it is.
Thank you very much! =)
I hope the bday party was cool and the cake was yummy!!! ^o^
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the cake was indeed yummy (as well as everything else) but of course if a huge bunch of family is tucked into one room it can get quite chaotic and sometimes annoying. Too many different characters clashing I'd say ;) But well... family's like that I suppose.
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Food makes it easier for so many different people to stay together. The irreversible boundary between the family members is helping too. So you can quarrel about what you want (mostly), but in the end you always be together. That's nice. =)
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awww, such a cute alpaca and wonderful work !!
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O.O OMG this is so cute!! Please do more!!! I love it soooo!! :iconilavplz: :iconawwwplz:
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im going to faint omg..... omg this is too much, i mean in a good way.
Oh my its a alpaca <3 Lovely
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