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I won't swim out too far

... promised!

Gosh.... that one took ages (and I don't even know why). It's one of the summer illustrations for the Chubbanimals III calendar and yes, it means only two more to go (already sketched both.. yay!).

I hope I can work a lot at the upcoming week-end and get things halfway done. Right now I'm in my break between projects and want to use the time as much as possible. :)

It's a bit sad that we didn't have a proper summer- though I have to admit I don't miss the sweating.

Hope you like it :3

As always, Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos

Anne :heart:

Chubbanimals © Anne Pätzke /Tokyopop GmbH
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Aww, it's really cute!
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Just to let you know ,This piece had been featured in 2day's feature box in my profile .
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Sooooo Cute !
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Gosh my love for penguins will never endxD
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OMG this is awesome *-*

thanks for submit your art here: :iconpenguins-are-awesome:
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AAAh, sooo cute. ^^ ♥
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oh, I don't like the penguin.. The entire enviroment is really good and you fairly presented the look of each material on your drawing (sand, palm trees..etc) so they look semi-realistic.. So I think you failed the main character, the focus of the drawing, the first thing that's gonna catch our attention.... The penguin, he is neither realistic nor semi-realistic, it looks like it have the same material of the thing he's sitting on..
In your previous paintings, I always admired how you were able to make you character look like a stuffed animal that looks cute & real & was brought to life with this sparkle in their eyes, but here you sparckled the entire character, I didn't fall in love with him, sorry. I would have even loved the painting more if the penguin had more attention or without the penguin, maybe as a scene..

Sorry, it's too long..
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hm... no problem with long comments. It's good to get critique once in a while.
The "Problem" is that I'm currently into another step forward move and everything sleek-non furry is in the middle of my inner war. I never want and don't intent to draw realistic- by god, other people can do that much better and enjoy it... i actually don't.
Maybe it's because i wanted to keep everything clean and some of the cuddle look got lost on the road. it's one of the things i'm still very frustrated about- finding the balance of neat and nice.
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Well, I'm not in a position to criticize your art, you are more of an artist than I am, it was only my opinion..
I always adored the semi-realistic feelings in your paintings & will always like it to remain like that, sorry my comment indicated otherwise. It was meant that the penguin was lost between realistic & semi-realistic (not that I wanted it to be realistic). He looks like a plastic doll, which was out of place with all this semi-realistic stuff surrounding it..
I hope you succeed in your journey to find neat & balance, but don't be frustrated & remember the thing that matters the most is the journey itself, not the end destination. The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination, it's where all the fun hides.
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PONG!!!! So adorable!!!
But I'd be a little worried about a crab sitting on top of an inflatable toy!
I like the fact he has a telescope. and the sailor's cap. And Pong's ice cap. He looks so content! The expression on his face is so "pinchable".You just want to pinch his pink little cheeks.
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I've loved this cartoon! What a great colors!
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Adorable! Good job with the highlights and shading especially, I suck at those. :la::heart:
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What a lovely, sweet picture! :aww: The colouring and shading looks wonderful as usual, and I love how they are so many cute details in this, like the sailor's hat on the crab and the "Kid's pool" written on the side of the pool - I didn't even notice that initially but I was quite amused when I did :giggle: The expression on the penguin's face is quite adorable too, especially with those pink cheeks. Great work! :clap:
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thanks for the comment. I enjoyed every word of it :smooch:
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You're very welcome! :hug:
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