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Before Midnight

Happy totally too early Halloween!!! O_o;

October Illustration for my 2010 chubanimals II calendar (the I is available as well...).

November and April missing, I'm trying to make it available within the next two weeks. For all those who are waiting for the calendar to come: Please be patient! ;_;

If you have suggestions for November and April feel free to suggest something :heart:

For the image: It's Koshuna the werecat slightly turning into her boogie mode (you know my Boogie Cat? that's HER! :D ).
If you ever wondered where the pumpkins and all the candy comes from.. of course from moon... maybe. Or from Koshuna's hometown... eventually. Don't blame the industry, there are so many other possibilities ;)

Anne (who hopes you like candy overflow and pumpkin magic)
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I absolutely love this :la:
Halloween is my favorite holiday and this piece is just ASDFGHJKL;'
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Really cute cat! love the colouring :D
This is so, so cute. I want to get a print for my grand daughter for halloween.
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lovely colors!
Sailor-makie-chan's avatar
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This is Precious!!!!
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sweet kitty))))) :З
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Haha very cute black cat :D
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awwwww. This is so cute! ^~^
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i love this so much! it's the best parts of halloween all rolled into one|! adorable black cats, jackle lanterns, ghosts, crooked black buildings & clock a roam numeral clock nearing midnight plus sparkles, lots n' lots of sparkles :) it's a nice idea, it'd look good on a calender :)
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aaaw! I love the bat!
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This is beyond amazing! Great job :3
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waaaa!! adorable
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:D Terrific! Hope you plan to do something with this (like cards) for Halloween...
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