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Bao Bao

you got a package!
宝宝熊猫 inside (the characters for Little Darling+ Panda).

My panda chub finally got a name thanks to Patricia, who suggested the name and helped me with the note ("I´m Bao, please be gentle") and the red sign ("Breakable"). I can say "Merry christmas" in 10 languages, but I think I never get used to Chinese *epic language fail...* XD

inbetween-step and a hypnotic chubby close-up:…

I know I should work more on backgrounds... and everything... I will do that. When I´m done with my "ten million trees in the background"-actual book. @_@

Anne *squeezing Bao into the cheeks*

Ps. pleaaaasse spare me with "reminds me of Kung Fu Panda 2" comments. I made this illustration years before the movie came out and I'm tired of it.
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Hello. Did you know that Party Town on Facebook stole this Art ? They made it in the Game. They steal many Arts from this Site, so I wanted to warn you that they stole yours too. They do not only steal they get Money for it too. Just wanted to let you know :) I try to tell all the Artists I find on this Site, so that they know they got their Art stolen. 
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I want one, its so fuzzy and its cuteness meter is skyrocketing
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Cute fluff drawings are my favorite sUCH CUTE PANDA
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That cuteness level is bordering on illegal.
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well, I can teach you chinese
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I am chinese, i can't cope with french though...
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Heyy I just thought you'd like to know someone posted this picture as their own content (they took off the watermark). Their name's chaosthecat36. Here's the link to the picture they uploaded:…
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hi Lena! Thanks for letting me know. I reported it and hope it's taken down immediately. Seems the whole "gallery" is full of stolen art. I guess somebody mistook Deviantart for photobucket. >_>
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:cute pencil: Panda Emoji-31 (Hello) [V2] Panda Emoji-29 (We procrastinate) [V2] Panda And Bunny Rainbow Adorable Blinking Panda Pool fun Panda panda  icon for golden vulpes

 So cute!
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So cute OMG Bonnie Loses His Face (Chat Icon)  MY HEAD WILL EXPLODE!!!
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This. Is. So. Cute!!!!!!!! I love it. :D
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*cries from cuteness*
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Adorable! :3 reminds me so much of kung fu panda watching it when I was little <3
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Pandas are just adorable. This picture really made my day. 
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Omg >w< I love it
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aaahhhh!!! tai ke'ai!!!!
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so cuuuuuuuuutttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
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oh yer it does remind me of kung fu panda.
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omg what a precious panda!<3
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