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2011 personal homepage design

I hope this time some more people understand it's MY OWN WEBSITE design. Doh... no idea how many weird mails I got but those were too many.

Anyways, as you can read: this Friday I hope Maike and me will be able to shove that baby online. It will be Flash again though like zero interaction since :iconenonea: said animation would be oldschool (complain to her if you think differently ;) ).

It's really bright this time O_o but I am into bright autumn colors already. I might lower the saturation a bit if too many people loose eye-sight while looking at it. >_<

Photoshop, a lot of hours and a bit of the old concept with a non-conformist navigation most web-designers scream at :yum:

I'll try to fill the turorial part more often than 1 time a year but as always I'm fighting with myself what to put in without creating a "if I use this and that it has to look liker hers.. doh, does not... unfair".


PS. The bunny is Kulla, my story-book character. You can find her gallery section here:
I chose her since everything started with her and my Chubanimals will get an own page anyway.
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This is spectacular. I love it.
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Awesome! Kulla is so cute! :3
How difficult is making your own website? I was thinking about making a website a while back, but never did......also, never knew how XP
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If you have no clue you should actually try to make a concept and detailled sketches of how your page and the navigation should look like and as a webdesigner/coder to do the coding. I haven't done the coding myself and honestly it helps so much if you can concentrate on the art and not worry about the rest. The negative side of it is -of course- that you have to pay for it, but imo it's worth it.
I always did my homepage within the range of what I can code so they ended up looking pretty plain. For me it was and still is worth the price.
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hello and im fom vienna. i love your work. could you please make an in terface fo me? how much woul d that dost?? ma mail is greeeing nK. :))
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Love it! did you code it yourself as well?
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I have you bookmarked hehe:)
Very lovely design, warm and peaceful!
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Eine wunder, wunder, wunderschöne Seite, die zum Anklicken und durchstöbern richtig einlädt. Sehr gute Arbeit!
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I like this pastoral design =]
well done.
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I couldn't write to you on your site so here is what I wanted to say:
hey! your site is amazing!
your design skills are incredible and I hope someday I'll achieve what you achieved!
I don't know much about all of the things you created but I love everything on your DA page and just in general..
good luck!
keep doing and creating beautiful things!
:D you are awesome!
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Looks awesome. Great imagination and creativity to create it all.
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this is a beautiful layout. great job!
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Oh, this is so amazing! That's exactly how your website should look like!
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Its going to be so beautiful and cute!
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Can't wait. :)
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Es ist eine wunderschöne, großartige, phantasievolle und witzige seite geworden mit so vielen schönen kleinen details :D ... wie dem spatz der den regenwurm fängt... das ich nur applaudieren kann :clap:
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omg so cute and gorgeous! >w< how I love it! what software did you use to make it? :D
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