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I am being rather biased here, Natali agreed to be the face and figure for artists to reference as 'Princess Natalya', a dragon riding ...

Nice use of light and shadow. A modern, minimalist, rather cold, bland and sterile setting that is offset by the colours and age of the...

Andy Farman's Novels at

Last October, emergency surgery, to remove a blood clot, ate up my budget and reduced me to two hours work a day while treatment was ongoing.
I am now much improved and writing again.
If you would like to assist in refilling the writing piggy bank I will be mightily grateful for just a $1 donation on my page at!…





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Andy Farman
A published author with rather crude, workmanlike, art skills as a map and technical illustrator for my own series of alternative history/military fiction series, 'Armageddon's Song', and the 'Of Demons & Blue Moons' supernatural thriller series.

Anyone with a little imagination can manage basic photo-manipulation, the software does most of the work, but writers need real artists and photographers for book covers, which is why I am here, of course.

I have a hard and fast rule about initial business emails and notes, I do not wait more than 48 hours for a response from an artist, call it a test of reliability, if you will.
If you are serious about doing business you check your email daily, if you are professional in outlook then you are courteous and you reply, even if it is to decline. In my experience, an artist who takes weeks to answer an offer of a paid job will take months, or never, to produce the work they were being paid for.

Fakes and Flakes need not apply.
Katya Clover by Trench-ADF



Katya Clover by Trench-ADF

'Princess Sabreese': by Yuri Platov

Completed commission by Yuri,, in digital pencil and ink, for the forthcoming 'Of Demons and Blue Moons 2' novel. With thanks to Kiki Yonitale, aka, Elle D, for her kind permission in permitting us to create 'Princess Sabreese', using her wonderful looks as the model for the elegant lady in the story.

"Mr Bennett?"
Scott turned at the sound of his name spoken in a soft female voice, carefully drawing the .45 Sig Sauer 1911, but keeping it out of view behind his back. It was loaded with a full magazine of iron tipped rounds, all deadly in the supernatural world, and there was a round already chambered.
A few hours before, it had taken five rounds to put down a demon who had also looked as lovely as his current visitor.
He thumbed off the safety.

The speaker was almost as tall as he, a typical trait for faeries, it seemed. She wore only a robe, with winged collar, made of midnight blue spider's silk, so thin as to be almost transparent, and a loin cloth of similar material, which was only fractionally less revealing and worn so low as to be barely-there.
Thin belts of gold, crisscrossed her flat belly and slim hips, and these bore a short sword on one hip, with a grip that showed wear from much use, and a quiver of arrows on the other.
She had entered the chamber from the torch-lit battlements, walking silently on bare feet, and with the grace of an athlete. A war bow, held with confidence in one hand, and the other extended in greeting, a soft smile upon her lips and one matched by her, quite extraordinary, grey eyes.
Six arm rings, three about each bicep, were not being worn as ornamentation for she had the look of a tried and tested warrior, something that her beauty could not disguise.
As to whom she was? Well, upon her head sat a crown he had once seen adorning Fae's, so this must be her cousin, Crown Princess Sabrisse.

"Your highness," he responded, surreptitiously applying the safety and tucking the handgun into the waistband at his back, before taking the proffered hand and bowing his head respectfully, while keeping his eyes on hers. 
On the only previous occasion he had seen Princess Sabrisse it had been at a distance, and behind a wall of armoured royal guards, all of whom had their swords levelled at his face.
So this was the only friendly face that Fae had among her many cousins, but also the daughter of one of Fae's great loves, Leon, the first King of the Lycan.
He looked into those grey eyes with a slight feeling of wonder.
It was as if she could read his mind.
"That is correct, Mr Bennett, I have my father's eyes, but those of his werewolf form, not his human one."

'Warrior Princess' partial cover: by Yuri Platov
The writing of, 'Of Demons and Blue Moons - Warrior Princess', is still a work in progress but the cover, all original artwork from the genius of Yuri Platov, , and series title from the multi-talented Sanju Nivangune, are complete.

        They swung their blades with deadly intent, determined to hack me from the saddle. The clash of steel upon steel and the whinnies of frightened mounts echoed off the valley's rocky walls, but their best was not good enough. I was once Crown Princess Aimee Adriana, I have slain demons and commanded armies. It was I who had led a second rated regiment in flanking the Slaver’s Triad cavalry, turning the first battle of the War of Correction, and I who had led the forlorn hope that stormed the breach at Sky Citadel, ending that war two bloody years later.

    I am not destined to die on the sword of a mountain bandit from the human world.




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Thanks for watching my page! I appreciate it!
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Awesome gallery and stories you have Clap +fav
Specially your "Of Demons & Blue Moons" book 1 that i buy a couple of weeks
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Trench-ADF Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2018
My apology for my late reply, we have been travelling.

I am very glad that you like the book, and I appreciate your saying so.

While I am waiting for some new artwork for the second in the series I am writing a book of short stories, some of Fae's back-stories including her time as a scout for Alexander the Great; more detail of her complicated relationship with the devil; and the also the cause of her exile.
I have been fortunate enough to gain the the permission of new models, Luana Lani, Natalia Andreeva (seen recently in all the newspapers as Russia's most beautiful World Cup fan); Elle D, and the very petite Julia Yaroshenko, to use their likeness as artists models for other characters, but finding the money to pay those artists is a challenge.

Thank you very much for commenting and I hope you will say nice things on its Amazon page reviews!


Andy Farman
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