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Apophysis Abstract Pack 1

For those who can't be bothered to fiddle for hours with Apophysis

10 Renders for use with my new technique [link]

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a lifesaver. Tnx a lot
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I very very very very liked 1 3 and 7....the other are impressive too :P

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Your awesome man.
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Wow, sheesh..
tremorwave! ure soo nice aren't yah =D
such a nice guy haha =)
ure the nicest guy out here on deviant art :hug: *cough*
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Apophysis = awesome.

Tremorwave = more awesome.

Tremorwave + Apophysis = minds being splattered onto walls (in a good way :)).
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The man of generosity strikes again...

I could never make anything sweet with that program...
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Rock on tremor!
Have you tried the new sprial batch script from utak3r?
With the right values, you can creat batches that are works of art in themselves.
I have uploaded a batch as a artwork to show what i mean.
I would put a link to it, but the copy/paste function on my computer is on the fritz...
I want a mac.
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You are very .........what's the word?? when you give away so much and often :confused: anyways, your very kind :worship: but Ill try to note you, cos I already have a lilttle problem to make my own, Im not interested in using this pack, I like originality instead of 200peeps making and using the same =p :blush:

catch you later and good work :thumbsup:
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