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I have no words to express how grateful I'am, I took an absence from deviant art and come back and found a great number of favs, for all your kindness thank you all.

Today I was mentioned in PROJECT ROOFTOP!!!!... one of my favorites sites and blogs, with my hobbie about a wonder woman's cartoon show.

I have no words, todat is a GREAT DAY to me.... (^_^)

Here's the link…
Hi, there...

For me is a pleasure to invite all of you to visit my on-line portfolio as designer and illustrator, I hope you like it.

be my guest... (^_^)
I tend to delay the things that I don't resolve before on my mind, as a Designer and Illustrator the work comes after a mental process, so when I began to work is usually with the concept already solved.... and I have troubles with Steve Trevor, he has so many incarnations, and the only common factor is to be "a good american soldier".... so, How should be Steve Trevor?
Hi everybody, appears that many people likes the cartoon style that I'm using lately, and I began to receive via "notes" some commissions request about it, if your are interested and like to use PayPal, here's the link of my prices, choose your option and you will have your commission ready in a digital file for print.

Here's the link:…

Greetings and have a nice Sunday.

Hi everybody

On my time in deviantart I received a lot of request for commissions, especially for pieces on the style comic-art nouveau, I was a little reluctant because working full time as a commercial designer leave with no free time, but now I had a little more time and a credit card to pay, hehehehehe.

Each piece like a sign of zodiac take already 12-15 hours of work, counting since the sketch, so a complete piece on the concept of yours is priced on that parameter, 100 USD per complete piece on the size you want it.

I already create a PayPal account to make easy all the process, the commissions will be taken in order of receiving the advance payment of 30 USD.

You can visit and take a look on the next link where a I mounted in web the paypal form.…

If you have another kind of job for me, no problem, let's talk about it, this is my mail:

Greetings from Mexico City.