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This is my dead-time-at-work project, It's a personal version of the zodiac, I'm a lover of the iconography in general, and the zodiac as a system of signs and meanings is pretty cool.

I usually draw gals, so this time all will be boys, of all colors and sizes, and I pretend,as an Exercise, try to integrate in the composition all the atributtes per zodiac sign.

This is the first one, Aries:the beginning, the fire, the war, the identity, the death of winter and the rebirth of the sleeping things in nature.
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I love what you’re doing the amount of detail is amazing! I especially love this one I’m Aries myself love it! I hope you finish the rest of the zodiacs would love to see your take on them!
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Thaks for all your kind words, I hope return to this project soon
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A ram? Rebirth from sleeping things in nature? So the end of winter?
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real wild thing
so hot :)))
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thanks, comming from a talented person just as you keeps me on work... (n_n)
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I love what you're trying to do with this project! I think it's awesome that you're drawing boy-zodiacs. We don't see those enough! I think Aries is my favorite so far.
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hey...thank you, you get the point, art nouveau works by definition about feminity, this is a little experiment by my side doing it with boys and modern tools as digital art, by now I'm getting a lot of fun working on the project.
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I'm torn between this one and Tauros. I'd love to see Aquarius (mine). I'm sure it'll be just as good.
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I love the backgrounds, the iconographic (is that what you call it?). Very artistic!
Awesome! This should be a great series!
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Yeah! I hope so.
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A.Mucha in the hizzouse.
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Mucha rules!!!!
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Hells yes! *high five*
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