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In light of the fact that it's been nearly a year since I posted anything here, I figured I should pop in and say... something. 

Last week, I did a sketch. It's not posted, and probably won't be -- just a doodle for a character who's been bopping around in my head for a bit. That sketch is the first art I've done in... months. Literal months. I don't remember the last thing I worked on before it, but it's safe to say I haven't drawn anything in months. I haven't done anything productive or creative, really. I haven't had the desire, or... really, the ability to do anything I love. No art, no voicebank work. 

Basically, the last several months have been pretty bad in my house. Everyone's okay -- no one died, no one's gone to jail, I'm fine, everyone I love is okay -- but, it's been a really, really hard time, on everyone I live with, and stress of the situation basically wiped me out creatively. I should have posted something indicating I'm on hiatus months ago, but I couldn't manage to put together the brain power to remember to do that, much less actually do it. ^^;

I don't know when I'll be back to drawing and making stuff, but I will be back. Eventually. This, too, will pass. I've made it through some pretty fucked up situations -- I made it through then, I'll make it through this, too.

We all will.

Love and peace, everybody. 
        -- Trelliah
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