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I keep going back and forth on this idea of using DeviantArt's Commissions platform. On one hand, I suspect it'd probably make it a bit easier for people who are interested in commissioning art from me to do so -- one less hoop to jump through. On the other hand, I'm… not exactly enthusiastic with the way DA's Commissions system is set up.

Most of the work I do (with the exception of sketches) is generally going to take longer than 14 days, which is how long DA holds transactions in review before they can be withdrawn. I'm all for receiving a deposit before I've started working -- that shows that the commissioner is actually serious about the work, and can act as a kill fee, so that I get some compensation for the time I spent working on a project in the event that the commissioner decides to cancel. However, I'm personally not super comfortable with the idea of someone paying me up front for work I haven't yet completed. (Let me be very clear: that's not a knock at people who take DA commissions, by any means -- that's just the anxiety bug biting me a bit, and giving me some preemptive, possibly needless fretting about the what ifs.)

The simple solution would seem to be to set up the Request Commission widget with the prices set at what I'd ask for a deposit, and then have the commissioner pay the rest of the total amount due upon completion of the work. The problem with that idea is that, while I could absolutely withdraw the deposit points as currency with which to pay bills and buy goods and services, I'd be left figuring out how exactly to go about getting paid the remaining amount due. All the reading I've done on the topic thus far would indicate that DA points donated or given ordinarily can't be withdrawn as money. The only option I see is adding a second slot in the Request Commission Widget for people who've had their work completed can pay the remaining balance. Which would be fine. Maybe.

So… yeah. I don't know. Maybe my anxiety bug is justified, or maybe I'm just being a moron. More thought is required here, I guess.

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Submitted on
May 26, 2016