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Tiramisu Romance (Official Art for 2017)



So, a million years ago, I did a drawing of Ichigo that was never released. I never uploaded it anywhere, and never used it for anything until last year, when I used it for my SoundCloud account’s banner. Though there were aspects of the drawing that I didn't really like -- the chair didn't turn out as well as I'd wished -- I really liked the drawing in general.

Anyway, about a month or two ago, I was struck with the desire to redo the drawing to match my current art style, and my current idea of Ichigo. After much ado, this would be the result. If you popped in to watch me draw over on any time in the last few months, you probably saw me working on this. 

I really need to practice drawing furniture. ^^;

Speaking of updates, Ichigo’s Caramel Apple CVVC voicebank will be receiving an update some time in the next couple of weeks. I’ve overhauled the OTO.ini to fix some performance issues — with the update, Caramel Apple will be out of beta. Stay tuned! ^^

Pose reference by the ever-amazing SenshiStock! (Thank you kindly!)

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ooouuu, she looks very pretty! ;w;