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Now Open: Art Commissions! by trelliah Now Open: Art Commissions! by trelliah

I've decided to go ahead and open for art commissions sooner rather than later. ^^

If you're interested in requesting a commission from me, please read and review the Commissions Info below before making your request. If you have any questions not addressed there, please feel free to contact me and ask. ^^


What kinds of artwork can I commission from you?
I offer chibis, headshots, half-body, and full-body portraits, in the form of sketches, line art, or full-color versions.

I also offer custom box art for UTAU voicebanks. (If you intend to use the box art commercially, please inform me of this when requesting your artwork.) Pricing will vary depending on whether the character artwork has been provided, or is being commissioned from me.

I also take coloring commissions! (Important Note: you must be the original artist, or be able to show that you have the express, written permission of the original artist in order to request a coloring commission from me.) Fees for coloring will depend on what I'm being commissioned to color -- please see the pricing information for more details.

What kinds of artwork can't I commission from you?
Right now, I currently do not draw male characters in any other form than chibis, mostly because my skills and technique in drawing male characters in non-chibi format is sorely lacking -- enough that I can't in good conscience take requests or commissions for headshots, half-body, or full-body drawings of male characters. If my skills improve, this will change, probably.

I currently do not do full-body or half-body drawings containing multiple characters. Only chibis and headshots may contain more than one character. If requesting a group chibi portrait, please limit the number of requested characters to 3. A small fee will be added for each additional character included in a drawing -- see pricing info for details.

I currently do not draw anthropomorphic characters, animals, or mythological creatures of a non-humanoid sort. Mermaids and cat-girls (human girls with cat ears) are acceptable, dragons -- as in Smaug -- are not. Certain mascot creatures (Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura, Kyuubey, and Jyuubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica) are exceptions to the no-animals rule and will be accepted.

At the moment, I don't draw backgrounds, unless it's something very simple. (All completed artwork will be posted as a transparent .PNG, unless otherwise requested.) Requesting artwork with a background will incur a small additional fee; this fee varies depending on what type of artwork the background is requested for. 

Some nudity is acceptable, so long as it's not of a sexual or graphic nature. If you're unsure if what you have in mind would be acceptable or not, feel free to send me a note and ask.

How do I request a commission?
Send me a note! Upon making a request, please include the following information:

    - What type of artwork you're interested in commissioning: chibi, headshot, half-body, full-body, etc., and whether you 
    want it as a sketch, line art, or full color.

- Please include a description of the pose you want the character or characters in, or -- even better -- include a link to an
    image that references the pose.

    - If you're requesting fan art of a particular character in a particular costume or outfit, please link me images of     that outfit that I can reference.

    - If you're requesting UTAU or original character artwork, please include some kind of artwork of that OC that I can     reference -- even a rough sketch will do. This will save me a tremendous amount of time. If you can't include artwork,     please include a detailed description of the character, and if you can, please link to images I can reference: hair style,     clothing, shoes, accessories/makeup, etc.

   - If you intend to use the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes, please mention this when making your request. (If you commission noncommercial artwork from me, and then change your mind and decide you want to use it commercially, that's fine, too -- just let me know before you use it.)

Why do you ask for a deposit?
As a general rule, I prefer to ask for a deposit of 25% of whatever the full cost of the artwork I've been commissioned to draw before I start working. The deposit A) shows that the commissioner is serious about purchasing the artwork, and B) acts as a kill fee in the event that the contract is terminated before the artwork is completed.

What is a kill fee?
A kill fee is a sum of money charged in the event that a contract is terminated before the work that was contracted is completed. Basically, if a client opts to terminate a contract, a kill fee ensures that the artist receives something for the work they put it, and the time they spent working on it up until the contract was terminated. The deposit paid to me in advance acts as a kill fee up until the concept stage (namely, sketches) are completed. If a contract is cancelled after the artwork has moved from concept to inking and beyond, I keep the deposit and a further 25 percent of whatever the original full balance was going to be is owed as a kill fee.

What happens if you have to cancel a contract?
If, for some reason, I find myself in a situation in which I cannot continue working on a project I've been commissioned to work on, I will cheerfully refund the deposit, and no kill fee will be charged.

How long will it take you to draw _____?
Generally speaking, the time it takes to complete a drawing depends on what type of artwork I'm doing, how complicated a drawing it is, and what references I have to work with. Artwork being conceived from descriptions only will typically take longer. As a rule, I will send updates on a project to a client at least once every two weeks. 

If, for some reason, some kind of unforeseen circumstance arises that causes me to fall significantly behind or prevent me from working on your project (technical issues, health issues, serious family emergencies, etc.,) I'll notify you accordingly of the delay.

What can I do with the artwork I commissioned from you?
Reposting: If you've commissioned artwork from me (fan art, or original artwork,) you're allowed to repost it on your own DeviantArt page, so long as my credit remains on the image and on the post. You may repost artwork outside of DA, so long as my credit remains on the image, and I am credited for my work wherever the artwork is posted.

If you are not the commissioner of the artwork (fan art, or original artwork,) you may not repost my artwork elsewhere unless you have secured the commissioner's permission. If permission is granted, you must follow the same rules above.

Fan Art: If you've commissioned of a piece of fan art, you're allowed to use that artwork for wallpapers, layouts, and any other non-commercial use so long as I am credited properly.

    Wallpapers & Other Artwork: Credit must be given somewhere visable on the work itself.

    Layouts & Web Designs: Credit must be given for the artwork, somewhere visible, if not somewhere on the artwork itself.     Credit on a page of design credits is sufficient.

If you are not the commissioner of the artwork in question, the same rules apply, with the added stipulation that you secure the commissioner's permission before using or reposting commissioned fan art.

Original Artwork: Commissioned artwork containing original characters may only be used for wallpapers, layouts, etc. by the original requester/commissioner of the OC in question, OR with the commissioner's express permission. If permission is given, the artwork may be used, assuming the rules about usage and credit posted above are followed.

Commercial Use: Original artwork commissioned from me may be used commercially, assuming you own the characters in question, and you've secured a commercial use license from me. If you commission artwork from me for that purpose, the commercial use licensing and the fee for it (which you and I will have agreed upon beforehand) will included with the final invoice. 

I commissioned artwork from you for personal use, but now I want to use it commercially…
That's okay! All you need to do is contact me and let me know (before you use the artwork commercially,) and we'll work out a commercial use license depending on how you intend to use the artwork, and what for.

How do I pay you? / What type of payment do you take?
I accept any type of payment you can process through PayPal. All of my artwork prices are USD. I currently do not take point commissions -- sorry for any inconvenience! 


Chibis / Headshots / Half-Body Portraits
Sketches / Line Art: $5
Full Color: $10

+ $1 for background artwork
+ $1 for additional characters
Please keep the number of characters total to 3 per requested drawing.

Full-Body Portraits
Sketches / Line Art: $10
Full Color: $20

Custom UTAU Character Box Art
Pricing for box art varies depending on whether the character art and logo is being provided by the commissioner, or whether it has been commissioned from me. (If you intend to use the box art for commercial purposes, please let me know when making your request.)

Specific typefaces for logo and box information may be requested by the commissioner. Fonts must be freeware, or royalty-free for commercial use. Alternatively, if the commissioner desires a specific font face be used that is not freeware, and requires the purchase of a license, the cost of purchasing said font and license will be included in the final invoice under “Expenses.” 

Box art comes as a flat layout in 2 styles: DVD case, or CD jewel case. Front, back, and spine artwork are included. Custom dimensions may be requested.

Box Art Only: $10
Box Art + Logo: $20
Box Art + Character Art: $25
Box Art + Character Art + Logo: $30

Coloring Commissions
IMPORTANT: You must be the original artist of the work in question, OR be able to show that you have the express, written permission of the original artist to request a coloring commission. 

If you’d like to commision me to color comic pages, please contact me with details about what you want colored, how many pages/strips, etc., and we can discuss pricing further.

Headshots, Chibis, & Half-Body Drawings: $5 (+ $2 per additional character)
Full-Body Drawings: $5 per character (+ $5 per additional character)

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