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Amakune Ichigo (Official Art for 2016-17)



Hey, look, new art!

I wasn't entirely satisfied with the original ACT2 concept art. I liked the look and color, but the more I looked at it, her expression seemed a little... off. It wasn't soft enough. So, I decided to go back to the drawing board, and this is the result. I've still got Ichigo rocking the Mactau look, though I'm contemplating putting out a non-Mactau alternative version later on, just for giggles. ^^

Speaking of ACT2, I can officially say it's now in development. Woo-hoo! My ultimate plan is to release ACT2 some time next year as multipitch/powerscale voicebanks, available in CVVC and VCV format. You can hear an early demo of the CVVC (currently a single-octave voicebank recorded at C#4) here:…

Pose reference provided by the ever-amazing SenshiStock :D
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Cool! ;w; She looks so sweet!