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Goth [stereo] Types - Natural Skin Tones

By Trellia
In cartoons, Goths are normally depicted with pure white skin, reflecting the movement's typical avoidance of tanning. My work is no exception. But to be honest, it's really rather lazy to depict Goths (even stereotypes) as just being an unnatural white, seeing as no-one with this skin colour actually exists (without heavy make-up anyway), and since the subculture exists worldwide among many different communities with a huge variety of skin tones. So, here's a collection of some of my Goth types with skin tones taken from photos of real human beings. 
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I'm so glad you did this. You don't see a lot of non-white goths in popular culture (for some indiscernible reason), and I think that's a real shame. This coming from a goth who is white.
<3 Thank you. This is greatly appreciated =)

Hooray for Afrogoth ^_^
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Yes, true true ^^ I'm a Afrogoth as well~
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I like this, even though I am actually quite white.
Finally! Someone acknowledges it! As a goth of color...thanks!
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I second this! A few people have been surprised that I, as a person of mixed race, could be into this subculture.
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I'm so happy you put this up,because I heard the most stereotypical thing for goths,"you can't be goth your not wearing black makeup or have pale white skin..." I seriously wanted to punch this person who said it
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That's one of the reasons why I did this :)
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Thank you,because as a baby bat myself and in this society, it really offends me when people say that
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Oh My God this makes me happy.
As a babybat I used to try everything to make my skin look as light as the stereotypical chalk-white goths (being naturally olive skinned did not help). I wish goths in media were portrayed more like this...
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I'm so glad you like it :) 
KandiViXenKHAOS-92's avatar
this is PERFECT!!! ^^ I'm a goth of "Colour" ^^
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I'm so glad you like it :)
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Love this! When I was a kid (a babybat, if you will) I wanted my already light skin to be even lighter, only to realise years later that it was very ridiculous. People with all skin colours can and do rock the style. Cheers!
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Yay, this makes me so happy!  They look a lot more like people I know (so much so that I'm curious about where you got your reference photos).
Trellia's avatar
Just image searches on Google, plus a few people I know.
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I think I would have liked the faerie best if she had the skin tone of the deathrock one.  It would look better with her purple makeup.
TheEmergancyWard's avatar
They look so cool this way!
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i like the white ones most =)
ihumanwannabe's avatar
I actually think they look better this way!
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