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Goth Type 8: The Perky Goth

Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

Perky Goths are undoubtedly the most fun Goths to be around. I'd say that luckily, most of the Goths I've met could be classified as Perky - it's more about attitude than clothes or music tastes, after all.

As with all my work, please DON'T steal this! If you want to use it for whatever purposes, email me and ask me first.
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Someday, I will afford to get a whole new wardrobe so I can be a Perky Goth myself!
All the pink like actually made me hiss
khaofang7248's avatar

Perky goth don't wear all pink lmao.

BrainyxBat's avatar
My BH 6 OC in a nutshell. 🖤
kayanne21's avatar
These people are without a doubt the funnest people in general to be around. 
MissCandyCrazed's avatar
i think this is me!
swchick's avatar
Tv Tropes says Helena Bonham Carter's one of these. Not sure if I agree with that fashion-wise, but definitely personality-wise.
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Im not sure if these are ok.
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I'm a kind of low-key Perky Goth; I'm not hyper, and I'm not always 100% optimistic, but I'm usually in a decent mood. Plus I love Halloween, Voltaire, cute things (especially cute goth things), and cartoons. And I love characters who are Perky Goths, like Julian from RC9GN and the entire Ruby Gloom cast.
Winged--Maned--Wolf's avatar
Luna from Vampire Kisses
PendulumPincels's avatar
Yes! That sounds like me! Minus the pink stuff....
WickidlyStrange13's avatar
I'm a fan of being a perky goth, wearing all pink and black and making OCs involving goths wearing pink and black and wearing stripes and skulls and pretty pink bows. :heart: I remember the time I drew Drusilla Wednesday von Dirge-Klot, Felicity and Meghann Lynn! Not all goths are gloomy.
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While not hyper, I am a pretty optimistic and sound person. This suits me pretty well, I must say.

In fact, it gets to the point where most people wouldn't think that I am a Goth...I mean, I just realized it recently, but my dad didn't believe me when I told him I was one.

(Also, the Voltaire part is definitely accurate.)
TheriverDee's avatar
This is probably me this and nerdy goth I love old cartoons mostly for their cheesiness. Though I'm more nerdy.
theory-of-magic's avatar
I have an OC like this
Snow-riding-hood's avatar
i relate to so many of these goth sub cultures but this has got to be my main one haha!! :D love that you've done these xx
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Sort of like (c) Ruby Gloom from the cartoon of the same name ...
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This like Abby (the Forensic Analyst in NCIS), she's bubbly, total sweetheart (like wanting to give everyone hugs), childish, and sees the team as her family (especially Gibbs who's like a father to her), sensitive and drinks lots of caffeine (Caf-Pow) She also wears lots of black, big boots, skulls and studded jewelry (including a dog collar), likes unusual music (often with strange or dark names and techno inspired), has lots of dark, creepy decorations and toys and even sleeps in a coffin. As Tony said, she's a conundrum and the happiest goth you'll ever meet. She's awesome. 
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hahaha I think I might be a perky. lol
MoxillaDeCurtona's avatar
OMG! I was calling myself a "Positive Goth" instead of a "Perky Goth" but that is SO me! I think of death, all things creepy with fun and exitment. I would make a joke about death and then crack up. I actually started calling myself insane because of this odd behavior. and the fact i'd be serious whle giggling the whole time...
shadonia-4ever's avatar
this is so me !!!! ;)
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