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Goth Type 7: The Rivet Head

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Published: April 18, 2006
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Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

I don't care much for old skool industrial (it's just too weird and not particularly musical), but I do very much like modern industrial and industrial metal. And the fashion is awesome - it's a shame you don't see it more often (so much cyber these days).

As with all my work, please DON'T steal this! If you want to use it for whatever purposes, email me and ask me first.
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MINDDomakrHobbyist Interface Designer
KMFDM and Ministry are commercial? LOL
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tolvfenProfessional Interface Designer
I have heard that the rivet head should be Matrix, it's not visible in this picture,,, perhaps it may "vary from person to person"
DoremiMisery's avatar
Me as a teen! <3 ... except I couldn't afford to go clothes shopping, cuz I blew my money on video games... cuz priorities.
nonmodal's avatar
can you change where it says 'the matrix' to "blade runner' and 'videodrome' and works by JG Ballard and Philip K Dick, Industrial music is from the 70's
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TheBloodspillHobbyist Artist
your art is adorable to an extent!
Trellia's avatar
TrelliaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! :D
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Dr-GigglesTheFoxHobbyist General Artist
I rather like this style. I am still having no luck finding cargo pants, but if I did I guess my style could be similar to this mixed a bit with geek. I already am rather fond of the music style. 
Dr-GigglesTheFox's avatar
Dr-GigglesTheFoxHobbyist General Artist
Speaking of that, does anybody know any stores that sell cargo pants that are preferably not online, or have a good return policy?
obs-cur's avatar
obs-cur General Artist
every outdoor shop ever
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NinaCrowlaceHobbyist Writer
Come to think of it, so do I...
NinaCrowlace's avatar
NinaCrowlaceHobbyist Writer
My boyfriend fits into this category for the most part lol...
Gothexplorer's avatar
This type is awesome at best!
NeverrMoore's avatar
NeverrMooreHobbyist Writer
Huh..I still can't find a stereo type for myself.
RevoltResist's avatar
I just love this style, it's perfect. Thank you, these stereotypes are awesome. :)
BorderlanderGuy's avatar
I have loved your "Goth Stereotypes" for so long! :D I really like your ideas about them and such! :D Extremely Inspirational. I'm not so much goth myself these days, I had a real problem to define what goth-"style" I were. ^^ I was not so much about the make up and that, more about the music and the "way of thought/lifestyle". Dark Romanticism <3

But I wonder; when will the next stereotype be "discovered"? :3 I really want to see more! :D
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project-heliosHobbyist General Artist
i used to be a total rivethead. still listen to the music, still have the attitude (usually), but real life has a way of forcing you into societal norms unfortunately.
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Vendetta7333Hobbyist Artist
The male looks like Sascha from KMFDM
reneekatz's avatar
If I was goth this would be me. I love all those bands.
Felynx-x's avatar
The male and female symbols can often be switched around XD
Saitar1337's avatar
Just give them guns and they will look like rebels from Matrix Trilogy
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WWhiteSShadowHobbyist Digital Artist
I think I know why rivetheads identify themselves as something other than goths...

...Around the '70s and '80s, there was punk music and a new music known as industrial, who's roots came from another source other than punk. Punk music developed the Gothic stereotype, and industrial fans took on a "rivethead" stereotype. The two have separate origins, and thus many believe that they are not Gothic. On a side note, style and "cybergoths" can easily lead to confusion. God help you if you don't have an eye for detail. As you said, their style is different. Not by TOO terribly much, though.
nicolavidrosas's avatar
love this... it reminds me: Matrix, Jhonen Vazquez look, Dib-Invader Zim XD
blood-dragon92's avatar
hmmm, this sounds eerily familiar...Except for the trencher...can't afford one of those >.=.<
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