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Goth Type 33: The Casual Goth

Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

I've had loads of requests for this one for ages now, even though visually Casual Goths aren't so interesting. I suppose there must be a lot out there!
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This is me although I try to be nu/medieval goth sometimes. Goth stuff is really expensive tho :( I hope I'm not a poser for this lmao

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Who cares what the gatekeepers think, anybody who calls you a poser for not neatly fitting into a box is the real poser. They try too hard and don't embrace real individuality. You do you and have fun doing it!

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The casual goth = the everyday goth
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You think there'd be a Broke Goth? It's basically a goth who can't afford all the fancy outfits, so they just wear regular clothes that are black.
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This is me...only because I can't afford nice goth clothes.
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Thrift stores and fabric dye will be your best friends here.
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This is me. I'm lazy.
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It's this and Corp Goth, I think is most common nowadays. Mostly cause of the times and stereotypes being toned down, than what they used to be.
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I'm definitely a casual goth. Mostly for comfort reasons; I just don't feel like dressing fancy for daily activities, plus I live in a pretty hot environment, so I usually shorts and sandals. I do try to wear t-shirts that are kid of goth-ish, most of them being black and all of them having some sort of funny text (like "I'm Not Antisocial, I Just Don't Like You") or a character/characters (like my Redbubble shirt of some Ghost Pokemon that says "You're Scary."). Despite my casual look, though, I'm proud to be goth.
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Ahhhh! Your icon features my all-time favorite MySim character!!!! That makes me so excited!!! I feel I'm either a casual goth, or not at all a goth, ahah. Cuz these days I'm into bright colors. I have a handful of skull things tho; a skull blanket, a couple tops with a skull or 2 of em, necklace and bracelets with skulls on em.
...Ah, just reread the stereo-type here, and methinks I'm just somebody who likes goth stuff but isn't actually. ^w^ ' Cuz I never wear things with band names on em, and I don't have any tattoos. And never did outright dye my hair, either.
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I did see a "Chav" goth once
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I'm falling for some kind of stereotype goth. :) I usually dress in a typically black or otherwise darkly-colored t-shirt with no make-up or accessories. If I were a goth, I wear black, wear goth makeup and have accessories with skulls and bows on them. But don't worry, I draw OCs that are casual goths. :)
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I think I most likely fall into this stereotype. I usually dress in a (typically black or otherwise darkly-colored) cartoon t-shirt with no make-up or accessories whatsoever. Heck, if I were to tell someone I was a Goth, they most likely wouldn't believe me.

The fact that I'm blonde and have a wide range of musical tastes doesn't help, but it's not like I care.
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This is me hahaha
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The casual goth could also be regarded as a Goth who focuses more on the mental side of goth than the fashion side, or one who has come to the stark reality of how expensive/time consuming a truly goth appearance can be
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These are all so AMAZING! Keep them coming! :D :skullbones:
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This pretty much describes my goth OC, Lydia Menken.
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I would guess this is me ...
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That Bauhaus shirt though
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When all your clothes are darks, you don't need to sort them when doing laundry. :)
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