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Goth Type 31: The Military Goth

Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

Not really a look I'm into, but Military chic is an important part of Gothic fashion. Additionally, elements of military can be useful when trying to put together a suitable goth outfit for officewear, as it's so neat and formal.
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Is Neofolk and Martial Industrial music are also fall into the Military Goth scene as well?
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A true army of darkness.
RatchetJak's avatar
Military goth guys can be so sexy. xD
XiaMcLee's avatar
this is the sexiest of all <3 i just cant hhhh 
brycechandler's avatar
Anyone know where one might pickup Coats like that online (male coat)(My town has NO goth shop D:)
Trellia's avatar
There seems to be loads of places online where you can get one…
KandiViXenKHAOS-92's avatar
what about And One? :3 they have a song called "Military Fashion Show" XD
I love all these Goth (stereo) Types. Is their such a thing as a Pirate Goth? I'd love to see that.:D
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It's on my to-do list of Goths :)
I can't wait to see what's next in line for the Goths.:D I'm ecstatic.:D
candytokiwartooth's avatar
I like this one, mainly with males.
iceroyale's avatar
As a somewhat regular of this style, I approve :D
The-Black-Wolf-Angel's avatar
Heh, one of my favorites, ngl... tends to make me think of Black Parade era MCR, too.
MadamOctopus's avatar
YES! <3
New album looks even more like it
darth603's avatar
I'd have loved this one in high school and early college.
RafeZweigun's avatar
As usual, you provide and entertaining and educational experience all at once. You are a credit to deviantART.
Trellia's avatar
That's a lovely thing to say! :) Thank you!
TalonNokone's avatar
Yay!!! I've been waiting for this one for 3 years! =D
Trellia's avatar
Aww! :) Yes, I realise it's pretty overdue...
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