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Goth Type 27: The White Goth

By Trellia
Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

Another Goth Type that's overdue. And a good winter look :)
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Very interesting. Great work.
White Goth is something very interesting.
Kiddoriddo's avatar
i want to do this hard
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Ghosts, hospital and madhouse, mummies, cobwebs, saints, angels, girls-in-nightgowns, moon and stars, faeries, pale zombies, elves, snow queens - the White is really rich themed and very authentical gothic stuff!
Erica-Sakura's avatar
White Goths are pretty cool. They are probably the ultimate proof that goths don't really have a dress code, so to speak. :)
Amelia411's avatar
This kinda reminds me of those Castithans from Defiance!
Ebonyhatesyou's avatar
And it looks awesome with black eyeshadow and hair!
Trinwads2's avatar
I would love to do this and be a part of this type of goth but alas, I'm far too clumsy and I know that I would somehow find a way to stain all my white clothing xD
invertqueen7's avatar
I gotta say, this is one of the more interesting ones to me...I have seen a couple people I know who wear this type of stuff though, so thank you for telling me it was a type (I thought it was just them for a long while).
FletcherWolfe's avatar
Another term for this type of Goth is Negative Goth. You know how if take a picture with black in it and change the color to negative mode the black turns white. that's is kind of the only explanation I have on it
EmilyMoonDriftwood's avatar
I found mine! Everything is completely relevant to me. I though I was on of the one ones :)
RatchetJak's avatar
I think that white gothic inspired outfits paired with black hair and dark makeup is a very strikingly beautiful look. :)
A white goth is generally called a bubble goth after the syntho pop singer from Estonia kerli
DumuziTheMessiah's avatar
One of my favs, due to how much white can stick out.
AssassinPsyche's avatar
I love the black underwear comment, that is hilarious! :rofl: as is the iLook being trade marked. I love the White Goth look but I could never pull it off with how easily it could get messed up. I love the girls dress and spidery accessories as well as the web on her dress. Every time I see these things I wish you made clothing.
Trellia's avatar
Helagsborinn's avatar
Bubblegum Goth! :D <3
winddragon24's avatar
This is pretty interesting, thanks for putting the goths into a new light :)
winddragon24's avatar
I would not be surprised is the gangsta goth suddenly became a new trend in the future. Mixing the thug life and goth life style together.
AligorZeimet's avatar
If that happens, the yolocaust is the new point of action for people like me.
winddragon24's avatar
ha ha, yeah...but as society progresses there bound to be new goth treads that will exist in the future.
BlackReaper93's avatar
And thanks to Kerli Kõiv's music catching on (yes, electronic, not even EBM, but still good stuff), the look is being seen more by the mainstream. You do such a good job at these.
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Would you make one for accidental/denial goths, (a lot of my friends are this, they claim not to be goth and try to wear normal clothes, though they are all black) and the trendy goth, the ones who shop at places that are a-list and are on top of trends.
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