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Goth Type 23: The Tribal Goth

Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

As I am a member of a bellydance group (Bellyqueen) in Nagasaki, this type is very close to my heart.

I’m really not good at bellydance at all, but I absolutely love the music and the costumes.

As with all my work, this is copyrighted. Do not use it without my express permission.
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I can't seem to find much about the bands you mentioned, Maduro and Knossos. Could you maybe provide some links to their music? As a fan fo Corvus Corax, I am very interested.
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Yes, this is basically what my ATS (American Tribal Style) and Tribal Fusion classes and dancers are like (outside of class and performances, I am more causal, romantic or Victorian goth. I started out as causal Lolita goth while my best friend was Emo and he gotten me into a lot the music and even more into the geek and art culture than I already was. But no regrets, it is how I started designing and sewing which I can develop skills and make a career out of possibly one day. May have started with cosplay and Lolita; but evolved). As for belly dancing, it started one day when I went to Epicot in Disneyworld and wanted to become a belly dancer (also known as raqs sharqi, Oriental or Middle Eastern dance). Other dancers sometimes look down on us; but I don't care. 

To think, I started out a weird loner with a overactive imagination who just happened to meant some people thanks to an neighbor at the time who I went to school with (our mothers were also friends and went to church together, that was all we all meant originally). If she hadn't introduce to her friend and her friend didn't introduce me to her brother, I probably won't be where I am now. He gotten me into bands like The Cure (he also really loved Weezer) and many other things. 
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I remember that the first Tribal Goth examples began to appear in early 90s, with growing popularity of New Age music style. And Bjork.
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...I love Maduro. :) 
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Ha that's my friend pixie.
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Pretty cool looking.
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Thanks for making this! :) To be honest when i started bellydancing and already where goth i thought that people would think i,m weird, or that i where becomming a hippy ( wich i,m not a fan of) I dance for two years now and i never saw a tribal goth exapt me or the dancers Ariellah and Asarah. And ofcourse the non goth tribal bellydancers. But are they out there? Haha. I do miss the tribe feeling :P
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Have you seen Mahafsoun? I don't know what style she belongs to though, she uses so many styles :P 
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Awesome, I love all of the descriptions.. and the characters are adorable ^_^ You should do 'Bubblegoth' next :)
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These are amazing!!!! I've been looking for a list of classifications as expansive as this ^w^
I know that when I belly dance I usually wear all black and my skirt. Topped with an anhk; very simple but elegant. I want to get a scarlet/deep crimson coin belt and eventually make it more 'dark'. Cool description, it works for me because it's a little similar to a hippy-goth mix, if that's even possible.
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I see a lot of African American male goths going this route as a way to reconnect with their ancestral heritage. Many of them see it as a very spiritual thing.
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I can bellydance, but despite my Goth side, I like moving too much to bear with the "terribly-slowy moves" from Tribal Bellydance. But I LOVE the Tribal´s philosophy and look!!!
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haha Wow, you do lots of things!!! Role-play, speak japanese, bellydance, how cool!!! (Y)
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alright, so, I really love this whole series you have, and it's so possible to imagine people like this. but one question - please do not take this the wrong way, I really do not mean to be offending - do people actually dress like this? That sounds ignorant, but do people go to clubs so extravagently dressed? I wake up, actually even go to an art school, and throughout the whole 7 hours I'm there everyday 80% of the people just, sort of, look the same, you know? It's hard to imagine how alot of people can dress the same, think the same.

so, yes, are you oftentimes surrounded by people like these? Because, if you do, that's fascinating. I feel like this is a very "hidden" culture.
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I know this is old and the account is no longer around it seems; but I will still answer as I am actually one of those Belly Dancers and feel I have more experience and say about it in case others see this and want to know more. 

Yes, well some Belly Dancers do (usually only on stage/performances though; but also many belly dance related socials as well ). Look up ATS (American Tribal Style) and Tribal Fusion. You probably won't see us wear these outfits outside of shows or related belly dance events though as we wear other things in day to day life (well minus the hair and makeup as we will even wear those styles in class along with our skirts and belts or hip scarves. We just don't usually wear the choli and bras in class though). The history behind this started with dancers who would preform at Renascence fairs, so the style and dance started to change in order to fit in. It started in the West Coast (California) U.S.A.; but it is spreading now.………
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Totally! But in Canada/US it's usually called "neo hippie". Depending what circle you are in the costumes can be brightly colored to dark like the pair showed in the photo. Think burning man and other outdoor raves. This is the kind of outfit you are bound to come across at those kind of things! Hope I helped! :D
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If you look around hard enough, you may see people wear these sorts of things. I've seen quite a few people wear this sort of stuff. (especially the bellydance-type outfits)
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I can´t read it! :-(
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brillinat! i love all your mini goths. it's also great you don't discriminate them. i live in a boarding school in suffolk- it's a very closed of community- and hardly anyone knows anything about anything, least of all things like goths. they just make fun of them. it sucks.

hm... i wonder if there's a word for people who can't or don't dress like goths but DEFINATELY think like them? i don't really think geek goth suits... maybe scene? no, scene is definately more a fashion thing. oh well. i'll think of a phrase eventually
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I can't dress like a goth because my parents won't let me and I don't want to dye my hair. I really love the type of music, humor, clothes, and sense of beauty. I wear a lot of black and I think that way, so I consider myslef a semi-goth. Hope that helps! :D
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ah.... that would be it. danke!
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In all honesty, the mindset and the music are more important than the vsible elements, I wear jeans and t-shirts most of the time but still consider myself whole-heartedly goth :) In Goth-craft Raven Digitalis describes a type of goth called the "intellectual goth" if I remember correctly (been awhile since I read it XD), and they center more around the philosophy and mindset of goth rather than how they dress :) Hope this was at least vaguely helpful XD
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it was extremely helpful ^_^ thankyou very much!
and merry christmas!!!
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