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Goth Type 21: Steampunk Goth

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Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

Here it is, at last, by popular demand - the Steampunk Goth :) I did want to write more on this one, but my Goths are getting larger and larger every time I draw them, so I'm getting less room for writing. I think they'll eventually have to break out of their 500 x 500 pixel frame.

As with all my work, this is copyrighted. Do not use it without my express permission.
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ZealothiaStudent Digital Artist
Does Steam Powered Giraffe counts as a Steam Goth band?
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Clarapp100Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just looks like normal steanpunk
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I find it kinda interesting. Kinda reminds me of a Old West version of Victorian.
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SpicePrincessStudent General Artist
The Old West WAS the Victorian era...same tie period, just two different countries.
This style is called Steamgoth actually. It's literally just steampunk with a lot more black and dark colors, as well as Victorian goth influence. :3
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I have suspection that steampuk already grow into a lone subculture (with music scene):) And as it was growing, some goths noticed it and said: "Wow, that´s amazing."
And why not. The world of zeppelines, steam-powered time machines and drinking tea with ¨rounded glasses on is so charming.
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I really would love to dress like this, just the case of getting it past my parents and of course actually buying the clothing....
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Aio-dragonProfessional General Artist
:iconangelofmysteries: is right, so is :icona-v-r:

Steampunk is not part of the goth subculture, and there is a music scene.

just.... *sigh* ok no ranting.... It really isn't, mabe once it was, but it has become it's own creature. And you missed one of the main influances for Steampunk.
Jules Vern, I gurentee you half of the Stempunk's out there are also Vernians.
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AneirasilvermoonHobbyist Artist
This is a crossover kind of individual between Steampunk culture and Gothic culture just as the Deathrocker is a Punk and Goth combo.
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KandiViXenKHAOS-92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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AdorasAsylumHobbyist Photographer
WOOOOWWW ! I love this !!!
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One of my very good friends, who was an original Goth, and is now more of a Corporate Goth with an appreciation for Steampunk, told me once that Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover the color brown. I know that it's much more than that, but it always gives me a giggle to think about.

I just discovered your little series via Pinterest, and I love it!
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KalikaGoldHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a pretty good summary (from what I know of Steampunk style and culture). It is difficult to write about Steampunk, as it is s variable - even more so than other alternative styles/lifestyles.
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mrsmyrninHobbyist Digital Artist
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Your art makes me smile :D
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I love the steampunk genre!
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My friend is really into this style of goth. Not so much dressing like it but he likes to build odd things and he is good at making things with metal, wood, and leather. He also went to collage to become an electrician. So making stuff for steam-punks is his passion. Some of his stuff sells very well. He recently sold a very cool cane for $400.00.
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BoredomCreationsHobbyist Traditional Artist
ah, steam punk. much love. this is definitely my style....only most of my clothes are in blacks and reds.
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EpicDreamer2011Student Digital Artist
My favorite type of goth.
Steampunk for the win!
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i love steamgoth!!!
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I love that typology! It is great :)
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And it is goth.
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Unfortunately, I dress like this.
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I love steampunk. Problem is though, they don't sell the clothes in stores and online is expensive, so DIY is what most people do. It sucks if you have no talent with a sewing machine though (like moi.) xD
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TilskKarishmaHobbyist General Artist
I love Steampunkstuff but It´s a shame that the most people buy the stuff and don´t make it by there own.
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