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Goth Type 20: The Cabaret Goth

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Published: January 19, 2008
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Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

This was actually a suggestion from a fellow deviant. And I'm very glad he/she suggested it - I'm pleased with the result :) And this was very fun to draw!

On a separate note, this is now the third time I've drawn a Goth with a cigarette. Honestly, I'm not trying to promote a smoking in the Goth community - so, kids, don't do it. It bad for you, it makes your clothes smell, and it's expensive - think of all the clothes and music you could buy with the money spent on cigarettes. So no, don't smoke. Not even cloves.

But pretending to smoke with cool cigarette holder is fine :)

As with all my work, this is copyrighted. Do not use it without my express permission.
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Some do the light-and-forget method of pretend smoking; light the cigarette and just carry it around in the holder.
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You seem like the sort of person who would enjoy the New Orleans BINGO! Show. It's a combination of Cabaret and Carnival goths. Well, it's literally a cabaret, but with the elements of the carnival as well. Since New Orleans is a big carnival, and everyone knows it.
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TrelliaHobbyist Digital Artist
I really want to go to New Orleans some day...
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Brace yourself for more debauchery than you think you can handle, then. You can drink in public, so people tend to get... weird. And I don't mean, like, different from the normies who will easily bore me to death, I mean, like, shitfaced wasted at 2 PM on a Wednesday walking around in the park with their friends. Because that sort of thing is OK here. But yeah, my dad is Cabaret Goth, and my mom is somewhere between Hippie Goth and Renaissance Goth, but I was raised by the least spooky people you will ever know, so I came out somewhere near Rivethead and Emo with Hippie tendencies and Geeky hobbies and the budget for the wardrobe of a Dressed Down goth. Those boots are like $89 at the cheapest, and I just don't have that kind of money to throw around... yet.
But yeah, there's three shops pretty much one block apart selling all the goth clothing and accessories, and they're not Hot Topic or Spencers, which is nice. Also on the same street are at least four witchcraft shops and two voodoo shoppes. And that's just one street. There's so much good spooky stuff down in the quarter, but it's just always overflowing with drunken tourists there for Rue Bourbon, and that is legitimately disappointing.
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I like your drawings very much.
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PinkOctopus13Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
you are fabulous and your work is darkly delightful!
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Dresden Dolls! Yes!
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It's a pity, that isn't there Circus Contraption or Peculiar Pretzel man or Vermillion Lies or Amoree Lovell or Jill Tracy or Sallon Betty or Rozz Williams or other...
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female cabaret goths are so hot!
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Calucifer13Professional Traditional Artist
I love the girl´s eye.
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i love this one, mainly because it mentions the dresden dolls, marilyn manson, AND VOLTAIRE!!!!!
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wolfdude131Hobbyist General Artist
My ex was a mix of cabaret and emo goth... with a little bit of japanese thrown in there with some perkiness... damn, she was cute.
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RazorxBladexPhotosHobbyist General Artist
I love the artwork but I don't think u void really consider the Banshees " goth" I get guitar lessons from Terry Dunn the lead guitarist from there and he agrees
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I'm impressed how your writing on these Goth (Stereo)Types can point out the pros and cons of each type, yet I always come away from each drawing with an overall positive impression of each type. Considering how catty many goths get when they're trying to classify one another, your series here demonstrates some really impressive writing!
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this is what happens when a typical goth and a drama club member become high school sweethearts.

no seriously, i've seen it happen.
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I'm not a fan of stereotypes, but this can help finding your own unique style and fitting clothes. I wish there was a famous cabaret Gothic (as in "Gothic who does cabaret"), that would be so awesome!
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TratatatitiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Voltaire! <3 :D
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Long sing the captain.
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I love the Dresden Dolls! :D great image!!
NosferKlein's avatar
greetings from Colombia! South America! ;)
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Marilyn Manson... heh.
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androidfinkHobbyist General Artist
Aaaand another favourite!!
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