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Goth Type 16: The Emo Goth

Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

I had a lot of reservations about doing this type - I know that Goths seem to hate being associated with Emos, and vica versa. But because I've had so many comments mentioning Emos, I thought that it really had to be done.

Sorry that this has been a long time in coming, and that it's drawn even sloppier than usual... I've been revising for and doing my university final exams for the past month, and I've only just had a break...

As with all my work, this is copyrighted. Do not use it without my express permission.
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I'm like a mix between J-goth,perky goth and emo goth
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actually I find this to be rather accurate.
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emo's are not goths
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or as I would like to call them "posers"
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emos aren't posers

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I hope you don’t mind, I downloaded this picture because, I wanted to read it but didn’t have time at the moment.
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Emos are not really goths; but they both do get some of their roots and influences from post-punk. Though there probably people who are part of more than one subculture or will crossover at times. Same with metalheads. I say they all more like cousins. 

Anyways, with that said lol this was my best friend to a t back in high school, even looking at an old picture he had the typical emo style with the glasses and skull shirts (he was the one that gotten me into The Cure and many other bands. He did find my taste in Depeche Mode odd; but still bought me a poster of them), etc...and his sister was more of a mopey goth while I was more of a mix (I started out as a Lolita/J-goth with some Emo/mopey tendencies early on; but grew out of it and like the more Victorian and Romantic aspects as well steampunk. Since I don't have a lot of fancy or nice clothing, I tend to dress more on the casual side unless going out. I been doing ATS/Tribal Fusion Belly Dance for awhile now as well.

The thing about Emos is, everyone thinks that they are always depressed or self-harm; but while my friends could be moody/mopey at times (and give some situations and that we were teens at the time, it was understandable); they actually were quite fun to hang around with. Some of my best memories was going to places with them. I remember watching movies like Donnie Darko and listening to music with them (lots of 80's music; but I was already into a lot of New Wave, Dark Wave, Punk, it is what I grew up listening to because of my parents), always over analyzing things. I wouldn't change any of that in the world and I miss them both a lot. Most will get over their moodiness overtime, especially when they have other creative outlets. 
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Totally agree, their newest albums are more pop rock than rock
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I agree with the alternative rock part, but not necessarily the pop rock part. Don't even mistake them for having a pop sound...
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I feel like I might have just a little Emo Goth in me, at least in terms of interests (like cartoons and some emo bands like My Chemical Romance). More importantly, though, I have nothing against Emo Goths or emos in general; they're human beings, just like everyone else.
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Please be aware that these are just for fun and aren't actual types. I mean, even if they're presented quite professionally it doesn't mean that there's an actual subculture like this. Anyone can make "types" up and claim they're real things, but it doesn't make it so.

Plus My Chemical Romance are emo pop punk, they're not actual emo. The artist has mixed emo pop punk with the Goth subculture which doesn't make sense. "Emo Goths" don't exist as most actual goths into the underground subculture understand that emo has absolutely nothing to do with it / don't associate themselves with teenage phases.

I've been into the subculture for about 7 or 8 years this year and most people longer, so we know what we're talking about.
Kira-Doom's avatar
Um... Okay? Thanks for the input...

I mean I am a goth myself, and I know this is just a stereotype and meant to be fun. I'm just saying that I kinda-sorta fit the stereotype, just a little bit.

I'm sorry if I offended you please I don't want an argument I was just commenting on a thing I liked.
acideathrocker's avatar
Well technically a stereotype is something like "all goths wear black" so...

But I just thought that if someone was serious about the goth subculture, they'd point out the problem with this "type". People aren't as informed about goth and emo, I guess. 

What I'm trying to say is that this doesn't exist so technically no one has a "bit of this in them" considering it's not real. No self respecting goth would ever label themselves an "emo goth" or a "scene goth". 
Kira-Doom's avatar
Okay, well, again, I'm sorry... Now I just feel really awkward, honestly...
acideathrocker's avatar
Well I never meant to make you feel like that, perhaps it's just the way I word things or the way people read them.

I just want people to know that these "types" aren't serious / giving babybats misinformation.
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actually this description best describes that of the emo-pop punk label/image, which is more like a darker colored version of scene fashion (albeit the fashion is also taken from Emo-pop + Pop punk bands, not even from Emo bands, like MCR for example). but actual Emo + Goth have barely a relation to each other, only that they're based from music genres + are part of the Rock music family, but otherwise have no relations.
Emo-pop, on the other hand, is what's so popular among youths (esp. ever since its mainstream hit in the 2000s + so), + would only share wearing blacks/dark colors for clothing as with gothic fashion.
YukoISBadMedicine's avatar
True. I had some Emo friends as well as Goth friends and others while growing up and I say that they are more like cousins than actual Goths (same with other genres) as they both just get their roots and influences from punk (which is a genre of rock); but have their separate music, history, fact; both tend to get angry if you call a Goth an Emo and an Emo a Goth. I am sure there are some people who are part of both subcultures; but that is kind of rare (my Emo friend already had a Goth sister and liked some darker things; but still listened to different music and had more of punk rock fashion).

Unlike Goths who tend to stick with the lifestyle and mind set of beauty in darkness, etc...Emos tend to grow out it. Rarely does anyone stay Emo the majority of their life. Emo doesn't really seem to last very long as it more of a phase and many people don't even know the history behind them (while Rites of Spring are said to be the first Emo band, they didn't like that label and basically rejected it). It just mean Emotional hardcore. 

To me, MCR doesn't seem really seem very Emo (they feel more pop punk). I think of bands more Jimmy Eats World or maybe The Get Up Kids and some of Weezer's older songs/albums (not so much their later ones). Songs filled a lot of emotions to them such as Say it Ain't So or Pain. 
Kozmotron's avatar
yes, really the only think emo + goth have in common is the fact that they're both distant derivatives of Punk Rock (all the while still comprising of totally different imagery + musical style/structure/meaning).
"emos" grow out of it, cuz it's often just an adolescent phase. goth is a lifestyle/music genre/range of fashion styles, emo is a music genre, + emo-pop is a fusion genre + fashion style (with a target for adolescents, given the genre's lyrical themes to consist of the perspective of the audience, with themes of adolescent relationships + angst -- hence emo-pop being the popular trend among youths -- just commonly mislabeled as "emo"...) but that's why it's almost always a phase.

you would be right about MCR -- it is not an Emo band at all; because of the heavy Pop Punk influences, MCR is quite the well-known band in the emo-pop punk genre. bands like JEW + TGUK as you've mentioned have been considered like the "2nd wave" of emo, but are also still more of the earlier emo-pop punk variants (still not really emo).

the whole point of Emo was being a reaction to the violence within the Hardcore Punk scene, and its "emotive" aspect of the term merely refers to the fact that this form of Hardcore Punk incites more of an emotional response. In comparison to Emo-pop, the lyrical content of Emo was more about the individual than in favor of the audience/fans of the genre.
YukoISBadMedicine's avatar
True. Emo is more of just a genre in music in particular while others have more a lifestyle that goes along with it. While it does have its own fashion like most others, it often borrowed from others (this is part of the reason why a lot of people confuse emos with goths, well at least among the current Emo scene. I had more experience with the second wave than others to be honest and that style is a lot different than what I see nowadays. I never met/seen any of the first wave Emos though).

I think the lyrics is what draws the younger people in. Often, as you said, the lyrics are more about personal experiences and about an individual. As people grow up, they move on from the emo fashion style and onto other things. 
acideathrocker's avatar
I feel like you're the only person who knows what they're talking about here.
But MCR aren't Emo, they fit the Emo pop punk label as well. Actual emo bands (skipping 2nd wave and 3rd wave) would be Rites of Spring and Embrace because I think the first wave is the only one that's really *emo*.
The ones after that are all mixed with other genres, but emo was never pure to begin with. It was only emotional hardcore punk. 

But this whole picture is just... wrong. I mean, it's not even good for a light bit of humour simply because some people take these way too seriously and think that they're actual types which leads to more misunderstandings / negative stereotypes. 

You're right, the only thing that Emo and Goth have in common is the fact that they're both from punk (and not even the same type of punk at that). They shouldn't be compared or merged together since Goth is a 40 year old subculture and Emo (today) is a teenage phase that died out about 6 years ago. No "emo" was never fussed about learning the background/history/roots/music of the sub-genre, they were more bothered about how many piercings they had or how much black they wore that day.
Kozmotron's avatar
oh thanks~ I'm actually a little surprised you'd agree cuz some ppl tend to argue with me that I'm wrong about "emo" + all... (actually only had two conversations that wasn't going anywhere cuz they were too close-minded/stubborn to listen to why I claimed otherwise about emo).

right, that's what I was saying -- that MCR is an example of an emo-pop punk band that emo-pop kids have taken the associated fashion style from (among other emo-pop artists).
yes, Rites of Spring, Embrace, along with like Indian Summer, Drive Like Jehu, You & I, Hot Cross, Pg.99, etc... (but I wonder how many youths are even aware of those emo bands..)

but cuz of this reference among the other "goth types", + how this became a popular reference for many youths interested in the goth subculture or "emo" label, they stumble upon this find + will believe (especially) this made-up contradicting label.. based on the definitions of "emo" (emo-pop punk) + goth, it would be rather impossible to be both. you're either one or the other, or if you just like both genres more over others, then you'd probably be just "alternative", but not an "emo goth".
I've been on Yahoo! Answers + I've seen some kids consider themselves "emo goths" (which I had to help clarify otherwise for them), although again I've dealt with a stubborn guy who still wants to believe that he can be/is an "emo goth"...

Emo didn't come around until like almost a decade after Gothic Rock (or when the subculture also emerged with), + yeah emo isn't a subculture (another misunderstanding among many youths), but rather just a music genre. even then they didn't call themselves "emos" (as Emo was, as you said, just a style of Hardcore Punk), thus fans of Emo were (still) hardcore kids or punks. they never referred to themselves as "emos". somehow when emo-pop became mainstream + the media helped call it "emo" music, youths have been calling fans of emo-pop punk "emos"... that further confuses the emo term.

oh yeah, emo-pop kids today don't wonder about actual Emo's history/definition (besides few asking the defs/difs btwn Emo + Goth since they think they're so "similar" they wonder if there is any dif...) but they ask more about how to "be emo" (where I've had to argue that it's impossible to be a music genre + they are actually referring to the emo-pop punk image).
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