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Goth Type 13: Victorian Goth

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By Trellia   |   
Published: January 16, 2007
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Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

Perhaps there is no goth quite as elegant as this type. Victorian fashion is gorgeous.

As with all my work, this is copyrighted. Do not use it without my express permission.
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papapa21Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love Victorian Goth. It's what I choose to be like
straight-butch29's avatar
straight-butch29Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I know someone who dresses like this. It's not really a dying breed, after all :D 
Noxfae's avatar
NoxfaeProfessional Traditional Artist
I wish I could afford to dress like this. ^_^
straight-butch29's avatar
straight-butch29Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think they're extinct/dying yet cuz' I have a friend who rocks this style ya know...
voltaires-mistress's avatar
Thank you for making these! As a Goth (not getting into my "stereotype"), It's hard to explain the different variations to my girlfriend's younger brother and even sometimes my girlfriend (don't get me wrong, she's completely understanding of my lifestyle, even if she gets confused about it). But with these fun visuals, I should have no problem and no longer be at a loss for words! So from the bottom of my bat-shaped heart, THANK YOU!
Trellia's avatar
TrelliaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank YOU! :)
Chi-Rose's avatar
Chi-RoseStudent General Artist
Im Romantic, Victorian with a hint of metalhead. BTW I love your gallery;)
DumuziTheMessiah's avatar
I love the victorian era in general. I don't dress like it more I like it because my mother had victorian deco in her room while I was growing up.
KittyMortis's avatar
You are my favorite person for making these! :la:
MaladiaNocturna's avatar
As author writes, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person.
I am pleased to see victorian goth type here. As an one of them I can say just that I have wider tastes in music (but Rasputina inclluded :) )
And you could also find some stuff suitable for steampunk and EGL in my wardrobe - how surprising for somebody who loves victorian era, lol :)
xTorisutanx's avatar
Never really considered myself Goth, but seems I'm this and a bit of Vampire... This is entirely me.
pandorina's avatar
so me its scary...
WickedHands's avatar
WickedHandsStudent Traditional Artist
Love rasputina <3
ringosatou17's avatar
ringosatou17Hobbyist General Artist
This type of fashion is so detailed that it's a work of art unto itself. <3
VilleNTylaValo's avatar
VilleNTylaValoHobbyist Writer
I can't really figure out which I am! Victorian/Vampire/! xD
MaladiaNocturna's avatar
Victompire, it has a future :D
BoredomCreations's avatar
BoredomCreationsHobbyist Traditional Artist
have to comment on this one as well. too cute.
narcojloleptic's avatar
narcojloleptic Interface Designer
I would love to go to a party where people dressed up. A masqurede ball would be amazing! It's pretend play for adults!
NBVega's avatar
NBVegaHobbyist General Artist
Victorian men's fashion was epic. Men have boring fashion these days. Why, oh why, have we been deprived of the right to wear dashing and stylish hats for every occasion?

Not a fan of goths, per se, but the image is cute!
Aneirasilvermoon's avatar
AneirasilvermoonHobbyist Artist
The the music..a little 80's rock can't hurt.
moon-walker101's avatar
moon-walker101Hobbyist General Artist
So cute! <3
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
TheSkaldofNvrwinterHobbyist Digital Artist
this is funny and informative, reminds me a little of that south Park episode: the goth kids vs. the vamp kids
winged-bellatrix's avatar
I do believe this is my stop. XD
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