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Goth Type 11: The Baby Bat

Of course, the majority of Goths are unique in their style and music preferences. However, within the subculture there are certain "types" of Goth with particular characteristics. And it can be fun to classify them. Naturally, classifications for each "type" vary from person to person, so you may disagree with what I say here!

I've had so many requests for this one that I moved it ahead of schedule.

I could simply sticking up for the Baby Bats because I was certainly one of them in the past (and I lot of people would say I still am one). However, I could write an entire essay on why I think it's such a shame that some members of the Goth community, renowned for its open-minded, liberal and tolerant attitudes, can be given to such elitism when it comes to the Baby Bats. Surely this kind of snobbery and exclusion in "normal" society is one of the primary reasons why many Goths choose to reject mainstream values?

Rant over. Anyway, I like to think that this pair are Romantic Goth Boy [link] and Rivet Head Girl [link] when they were kids.

As with all my work, please DON'T steal this! If you want to use it for whatever purposes, email me and ask me first.
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Damn, I'm going to end up being like this because I just like the look of goth and I'm to figure out what to dress as in goth weekend.

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In my baby-bat stage I was trying so hard to be a 'fairy goth' I was trying so hard that I actually tried to get into MAKEUP!!

.....It was too much effort, and now I'm happy with my post-appocalyptic tribal with plenty of Black X3
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I'm 50% emo goth.There's no way I should appreciate Marilyn Manson as a goth icon.
Goth icons:
-Eclipsa Butterfly fron SVTFOE

And also my favourite emo band is #dMasiv from my own country(Malaysia).
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Hahaha!! I am in no way goth at all, but I love this collection!
They're all hilarious! I literally laughed out loud at the term, "Baby Bat" because while I'd never heard the term, I knew exactly what it was. XD

Heehee, aww they're so tiny... *pats*
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I feel sorry for Baby Bats who are shunned for not being "real goths;" they're trying, and goths are supposed to be an accepting group of people, so we shouldn't hate on Baby Bats for trying to get into the groove.
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Yeah, And we all have that stage where we're exploring ourselves. Some are good memories, other is just cringe.. but it's all important because it shapes who we are. People in it for the shock eventually leave, but the real goths at heart end up finding who they are
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I do think Baby Bats get too much hate. After all, they're new to the subculture; it's like being new to a town or school. You gotta observe your surroundings and figure things out before you get the hang of it. They are trying, and they should at least be respected for that.

Besides, saying they aren't goth because they don't follow the standard to a T is a bit hypocritical on the part of those goths who claim that. The subculture was created, in part, to defy the norms of society; and the requirements of the subculture, at least in modern times, is much more lenient and inclusive, applying to a wide selection of people.
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Oh please... You know damn well that every goth under the sun went through that phase at one point in their lives.
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Daaaw is that a love heart pentagram? That's so cute!
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It's the HIM's (metal band) symbol.
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Babybats are like goth kids.
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I think that many goths used to be babybats.
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I'm a baby bat i love goth style and goth music metal or non-metal i like everything from metal to rock to goth music wise though, also i feel the most comfortable in dark colors like black, dark purples and dark greens. though where i live the goth community is mostly me and fellow baby bats (2 others) at my school(as far as we know) there aren't a any "true" goths in the area so we only have the internet to feather educate are selves on the goth subculture. 
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Baby bat is more commonly known as the time where people get into the subculture more commonly around the teen years so you get a good mix of people who are growing into it and some people who wont stay with it and are in it to shock or rebel more of the older Goths believe it to be more so they just want to shock and rebel that leads to the harsh words and hate to that group being they aren't "real" Goths many forget what it was like for them to start out into the subculture there is no hand book that tells you how to be Goth because there really is no right or wrong there are many possibility's to go about getting into the subculture be it through music or fashion and just because you start out in one grouping doesn't mean you wont evolve and develop into another grouping this is the experimental stage of life and on top of being awkward teens you get harsh words about how you as a person are developing be it by people in the subculture you look up to or your family my family wasn't so accepting of the way I started to dress I remember countless times my mom and I got into arguments because I weir to much black and I wont weir other colors that led to me buying a pink shirt that is still in my clothes to this day worn once to make her happy. If this is you just remember that you don't need to make others happy or approval from other Goths to make you Goth just be yourself and all the pieces will fall into place. The most Goth people I know don't call themselves Goth its just who they are. 
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I'm under the age of 18-16, so ... I guess this would be me ...

But I've been Goth for a while, so I'm not entirely sure ...
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Wow there are a lot of strong opinions on this one. Honestly, I find baby bats to be adorable. I find it adorable that there is even a term for our young goths. I don't know if I'm still a baby bat or not. I probably would be according the Lady of Manners but I am certainly more "sophisticated", if you will, than 5 years ago.
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Nice collection. Although seeing the depiction on this one I'd rather think of black metal style then goth.:D
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Everything said about what makes a "goth person" is pure rubbish. Referring youngsters who don't know or listen to the 70's-80's musicians as "babybats" is imbecilic. These terms, "Elder-goth", "Babybat", "Mall-goth" etc, are absurd. It's, in a way, like promoting unwarranted self-importance.  
TorrenOglethorpe's avatar
How about your unwarranted opinion on this subject is pure rubbish. While it is definitely wrong to look down your nose at a Baby Bat, it IS a thing and it isn't your narrow definition of, "person who doesn't know 70's-80's music". Hell, a good portion of us would stay baby bats forever by that logic due to our varying tastes. About Elder Goths, they deserve that title if they've lived with the scene for so long and its just a way to respect them. I can also imagine Goths who are serious about staying goth looking forward to being an "Elder" so I don't really see the problem here.
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If my opinion is unwarranted, you wouldn't be replying in the first place. If there are "rules" you have to obey in something as insignificant and unimportant as an alternative trend, then your trend is rather as noteworthy as bollocks. 
TorrenOglethorpe's avatar
First off, how does me responding prove you are "warranted"?.

Second, where the fuck did I say there were rules? WHERE. TELL ME. I'D LIKE TO KNOW.

Third, Baby bats are just new to the scene. It doesn't mean they don't do certain things or act a certain way (although they might do research because they have a curiosity to satisfy but you get the idea).

Lastly, where are you getting this shit? I don't doubt there are some arrogant Goths out there but you can't base all of us on a few rude individuals. Oh and comparing the entire subculture of Goths to testicles without even meeting a fraction of them is very close minded. Choose your fancy ass words more nicely.
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I've known a fair amount of these so-called "goths" when I was in high-school. They were the most self-centered, vain, and snobbish people I've ever met. To be honest, I attempted to "blend in" with this trend when I was a teenager. I was probably just like you when I was a youngster. I was a self-important narcissist.

I don't have a problem with self-labeling; you call do that all you want, but the moment you start labeling others because of the music you don't like, or isn't part of your trend, you are rather an imbecile. Hopefully, you will grow up and realize that the whole world doesn't revolve around you, just because your not a "conformist".

This debate holds no more purpose; since everything I will say will be automatically called rubbish in your eyes; like most "goths" I've known. The only thing you're doing is helping the "goth" stereotype. 
TorrenOglethorpe's avatar
Okay I just got one more thing to say. The reason you are rubbish to me is because you've been doing nothing but insult. Insult and assume. From the very beginning. Take it or leave it but I just needed to get that off my chest. I also wanted to leave this half decently so I'm just going to say that I admire your confidence in posting all your art. Seriously. I don't have that, despite what you think.
TorrenOglethorpe's avatar
I made this extra short for you closed little mind.

One, high schoolers? Really? Are you fucking kidding me?
Two, we're not all like you. So quit treating us as such.
Three, you didn't answer anything I asked for and I am taking it as that you cannot.
Four, you are helping your own stereotype. Also slightly related to point #2.
Five, stop trying to steal the bell while covering your ears.
Six, when a person has good points, I listen. You, do not. Connect the dots.

Any questions about the condensed version, throw me a fancy insult and I will gladly explain. Of course, you are free to ignore me and live on in your tiny idea of what is right.
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