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Swirl the cat -partial commission-

Realised I forgot to post this here!
Finished partial commission for 
My first feline. I hope they look like a cat!

VIDEO >… <

They were super fun to create and is actually my first asymmetrically patterned suit too.

The swirls on the backs of his paws and ears were a challenge but I think I got through!

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Super cute and for your first feline very good!

It still looks canine-ish in the face though- a way to fix that for future suits is to shorten the muzzle since alot of felines have much shorter muzzles then canines and make more of a 'V' or heart shaped nose. Reason behind this is cats don't usually have a perfectly rounded nose while most canines do. When doing this keep in mind felines typically do have a much wider muzzle then most canines since with most canines it comes to a point toward the nose. Also another thing you can add to give it that kitty look is by adding horse hair or really stiff fishing line for whiskers.

I hope this helps with your future suits~!
Hi! Would you possibly be opening commissions?
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Sorry, I don't take suit commissions. Strictly just artwork.

Stuff I make for fursuiting are for personal wear only. I may make a set of neko ears and tails but thats about it.
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Is Swirl male or female?
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This looks really good! :la: