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Raphael quadsuit wings wip- 90% finished

By TrelDaWolf
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Almost done! These have taken quite a while, especially the wire skeleton for each of the larger/longer feathers.

When I first started making this quadsuit, I named it 'project Nowings'. Because although this character (Raphael) is a winged wolf I thought there was no way in hell I could manage making large semi realistic wings as well. I guess I proved myself wrong here xD

these were made using a copper pipe for the main skeleton, then screwing that pipe to a block of wood. The wire skeleton mentioned was wrapped around the copper and duct taped in place.
First the white layer of feathers was threaded over the skeleton, the dark grey glued on top, and the final top layer of fur glued on top of that.

Because of the copper and wire skeleton, the wings are actually poseable!

There was a whole lot of trial error in between but I won’t go into that xD
I tried my hardest to make it as light weight as possible.

Please tell me what you think! I still need to make new shoulder padding and fix the neck a bit.
feel free to ask any questions about construction etc

:new:Photos of the finished wings:

Raphael and these photos © *TrelDaWolf
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it seems most of these are wolves fox tiger dog I like it
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Nicely done! Looks really great! Can you show some pictures of your wings in other position? I am interested how much you can move them!
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I will try to post some more pictures soon! Once I have the backpack fully furred and everything is done preferably~
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Wow thts real good
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now i remember seeing you at manifest with this and i tell you what, it looks really awesome even with the wings attached!
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Thanks! I'm so glad you remember me! I will most likely be attending manifest in this quad again so keep an eye out ^^
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Ahh this is amazing! When the shoulders are all padded up it will look so good :D
Make a video of him, I'd love to see him in action
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Thank you!
I would love to video him and might get a chance to this weekend. If I do, I'll most likely upload a new picture of him with the link in the description.
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This is pretty awesome! Though I'd recommend trying to fix the neck/head. A lot of quadsuits have this problem where it looks like the character is constantly staring at the ground. This is just a personal opinion, but I think the tail should be longer (it would make it look cuter and compliment the length of the wings). But other than that, it's pretty good!
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Oh gosh the staring at the ground is my fault. xD; I always thought the head was set too far back so that i had to look down for him to be looking up. Turns out I was wrong. I just need to keep it in my head that I actually need to look up sometimes
I agree with fixing the neck- hopefully I have enough left over fur to make a new tail!
Thanks so much for your feedback X3
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Very nice!
Wings might be hard to get around in a crowd though! Hope they are poseable in a kind of folded position perhaps.
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Hopefully I won't need to be in any large crowds where I'm in danger of hurting anyone. If that is the case I will most likely just take them off and walk around as a normal wolf xD
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wooah thats awesome
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Heres what I would do to iprove upon this! ;v;
I Would add a bit of butt padding because it looks like the back is sloping downwards
I would also Add more chest and shoulder padding

And maybe try to beed up the front stilts a bit with just one layer of foam wrapping around!
I would say fat stilts are better than thin stilts because you can carve the foam if you feel its too large!
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Thanks so much for your feedback! I'll see what I can do about the sloping back. I think the backpack wings have bulked up my back so much that it looks like my back is sloping now ;v; it didn't before.
I will definitely be adding shoulder padding but I'm not sure if I can pull off adding more chest padding because I would have to edit the whole zipper part with the white crest chest design and kjashdkjf I will see if I can do it!
I agree the front stilts are too thin but I have pretty much run out of dark grey fur and im not sure I can get any more...;3; if I did bulk them up, there would not be enough fabric to cover the foam.
Thank you again for the feed back I really appreciate it!
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I like the simplicity of the wing construct, using copper pipe and wire can still built that size of wings, I thought copper isn't that strong to hold like that. :)
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Thank you! :3 Luckily this copper seems to hold up xD
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looking very awesome! I wonder how did you construct the wings? I want to make wings as well and I know a backpack will work good but how did you reinforce it ? :)

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