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Pixel the Dutch Angel Dragon (fursuit)

Here are some pictures of Pixel's finished fursuit <3
Granted, there are still quite a few final touches to add to him! Some of which include ankle and elbow horns, cutting the pixelated fur spots so they look more square, tidy up the shaving, add nostrils etc~
But yes, this is how I wore him to Confurgence~!

Let me know what you think of him ^^

(c) :icontreldawolf:
Dutch Angel dragons (c) :iconino89777:
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that is absalutly cute

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Pixel is so cute!!♥ Nice job on the fursuit!!

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It is real cute. I am in love with the Artist. Here is a similar work dutch angel dragon fursuit

that will propably give most of us more ideas for years to come.

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pixel's so good I'm a fursuit geek so i LOVE it, i'm kind.. of making one, i've put it off for a while though :teenager: did you make him yourself, if you did i think he's great Mother of god

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did you make pixel?? or did someone make it for u?
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Pixel is so cute! Such a great design. I'd love to meet him when I start going to cons :)

I've known about DADs for a couple years, just recently became interested in suiting.
I'm designing my own dragon (don't know if they reinstated approval or not; waiting for acceptance into the facebook group).
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I really want a fursuit like this! ^_^
tricerafun's avatar
Well... with my own character (even though I absolutely love Pixel)
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He looks so adorable omg <3
StaticTheDutchAD's avatar
AWESOME I always wanted to bring my dragon to life one day
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How do you get the sound effects like in the vid
TinyAnimations's avatar
Thats really cute o3o
Question: do you make fursuits
Or know anyone who makes dutchies .3.
I just really want a little dutch angel dragon fursuit

Thank you for your time
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This suit looks really great!!! I just have one question about the suit. That's how do you make the pixel designs, I'm making a fursuit and I don't know how to make those pixel-like designs that are on the bottom of this suit?
CreepyPasta-Lover16's avatar
Pls tell me you do commissions
Crystal-glow-Mlp's avatar
XxLullaby-toriumixX's avatar
I don't have to say this is cute. Dutch angels are naturally cute <3
Eclipsefrosting's avatar
Pixel is adorable! :3
ciel-dragon's avatar
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Do you take commissions?
SamTheMoose101's avatar
So cool! I'm looking to commission a full fursuit myself. I don't know if it would be ultimately cheaper for me to try and make one on my own or just purchase one from an experienced maker. Do you have any suggestions?
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If you're ready to commit to the cost and the frustrations of learning a new craft and have the time for it, I'd say go for it!
However if you don't have that much time or patience, I'd recommend going to an experienced maker once you've saved up the funds.
SamTheMoose101's avatar
Thanks a bunch, this is going to have to be something I'll ultimately need to look into, though it's looking like I might just need to commission since I am a full time student at the moment
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