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It looks like I get December for the 2015 Star Trek Ships of the Line calender! WOOOO HOOOO!

See it here:…

A few weeks ago, Doug Drexler contacted me to come up with some ideas for the upcoming SOTL calendar.

My immediate reaction was- "HOLY CRAP!" This guy worked on TNG, Battlestar Galactica, and other shows and movies! I am honored that my work is being seen by professionals of the business.

So I created a few rendered images, some with my custom ships, others with more familiar ships featuring the TOS Enterprise, etc. That process was daunting to say the least.

Doug liked 3 of the images I sent him. It looks like in the coming months I will be building a TV/Studio-quality TOS Enterprise!

Stay tuned!

I did some tweaking to my USS Argonaut mesh and had it uploaded to Shapeways. In a week or two, I should have the miniature in my hands. I really look forward to it.

You can see the mesh here:

Once I receive it, the ship will be for sale for the public. he is using mine as reference. :D No joke. The original mesh as seen in the Ships of the Line calendar was lost in a hard drive crash, and Gabe had no backups. He noticed my Bridge Commander version looked 'spot on', and is using it as reference for building a new one. I guess mine is now accurate.
I should really comment on here more.

I'm currently designing a version of the USS Excelsior is it was built in the JJ Abrams' Trek XI universe. The original Excelsior was cool to look at on its own, and was first built to be really over-the-top with technology. Now, the ship is really streamlined and has dozens of decks (I haven't figured that out yet).

Schematic concept views are being created so I can eventually build it in 3d. I'm really looking forward to that.
This week, I completed the texturing and specular mapping of the USS Enterprise (1701-A). The mesh is in the 25.3k range and it features a full botanical garden complete with trees and shrubs. I'm really happy how it turned out.
Well, my new JJ Enterprise is about finished for people to play it.  I have just built a brand new NX-01 mesh which I am proud of.  Hmm....I wonder if I should do an Azati Prime heavily damaged version (the one where people are flying out the hull breaches).  Terran Empire version should be easy to do since it is a retexture.
The mesh I'm currently working on is the new Enterprise, or "JJprise."  Most of the ships I build are built for the PC game Star Trek: Bridge Commander, where you can actually fly these around and blow up stuff!  My modeling skill has greatly increased in the last year and I enjoy every minute of it.  Enjoy!