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V'ger Revealed

I did not count the number of object/capsules I used- there was a lot.

The picture was rendered in 3ds Max 2012, spotlight effects done in After Effects CS5 with the VideoCopilot plugin, and final touch ups done in Photoshop.

The Enterprise is an upcoming ship mod I made for the game Star Trek: Bridge Commander.

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Looks great! Can I ask your technique for the colored/pearl hull plating? Is it painted as one color or do the colors shift based on the viewing angle? I must have spent hours looking at this thread, trying to think how you would do it in digital 3D: [link]
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The only reference for the TMP Enterprise is black/white pictures and the movie. Here, I used 2 types of coloring- the Diffuse, which is the standard hull plating in shades of gray-yellow (mostly white gray). And a Specular map where the hull plating is at it's maximum color under full light.

Then just play with the lighting to achieve your desired effect.
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We need more V'Ger pics!!!!!!!!

Good start - plan to do more?
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Possibly. This was actually a quick render to create.
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Will the Connie refit model have the same poly count once it's converted to STBC, because here it seems like it has a nice high poly count to reduce the number of sharp corners for the saucer, etc... and the textures are amazing, what resolution are they?
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The overall polycount is around 28k (there is no change after exporting). The textures (along with colored specular maps) are at 2048px resolution. I made sure the saucer had enough segments to look good up close.
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From the little picture I thought you uploaded a shot from the movie, the lighting is excellent, especially on the Enterprise with the running lights, etc.
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this version look much better

can't wait
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