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Polaris Class

The Polaris-Class is a new deep space multi-use explorer in the 25th Century, performing many of the same duties as the Galaxy-Class. This ship is considerably larger than the Sovereign with more interior space. The Polaris has the ability to saucer separate, and includes a newly designed Ursae-Class captain's yacht.
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Century class should have been the ENTERPRISE-E and the Polaris (slipstream project) class should be the ENTERPRISE-F, respectively.
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So beautiful. I actually play the MMO Star Trek Online, I would so love for the Polaris class to be ingame. 

I have two classes of ship i love, Sovereign & Archon. The Polaris, seems to meld alot of these designs, while still feeling she can take on any threat, but at the same time, be as gentle as a mother with her new born child. 
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Can the crew bring their families along as well?  
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It's encouraged! 
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A thing of beauty!!! Awesome work and wallpaper! Thanks for sharing! Trek On.... :-)
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She's a beauty! Nice job!
Will you create the Ursae-Class yacht? Or?
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The Ursae yacht was made years ago, along with the Polaris. I'm surprised I don't have any pictures of it here on dA.
Where would you have it? If I may ask?
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The yacht is actually located on the bottom saucer, near the front.
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This came out really nice!
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Did you make it is 3DS max, and have you posted your conceptual drawings somewhere? I'd love to see how you started out with it. :)
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I make all of my meshes in 3ds Max. I have not posted any conceptual artwork anywhere, since they are pretty rough.
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Going by eyeball and deck heights, I scale her out to about 802 meters long.  Does that sound about right?

*Edit, never mind.  I found the spec sheet.  Was the first version longer by a bit?
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I scaled the original Polaris to be 775 meters, based from the deck count I created when I was creating the windows. The overall length could be a few meters either way.
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Interesting.  I guess the model I was measuring was off.  I did note that on your comparison/evolution image the "refit" is slightly shorter than the original.  That's what made me wonder.

Either way, fantastic work!  She's going into my "head canon".
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You are correct. The "refit"/Armada III version is slightly shorter since the saucer is oval instead of egg-shaped.
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That would explain it.  That and that I wasn't measuring from your refit model.  I suspect whoever modeled the one I was using based it off of your first version.

Thanks for replying! :)
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Someone else modeled my Polaris? Please let me know!

The only two I know in existence is the Bridge Commander one and the Armada III one. Both are modeled by me. 
MorganDonovan's avatar…

AH uses Bridge Commander models to make orthos.  I presume that's where he got this.  He does give you proper credits.
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