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Amazonos: Ch.4 Of Gods, and Amazons by TrekkieGal Amazonos: Ch.4 Of Gods, and Amazons by TrekkieGal
Amazonia was ascertained she was doing the right thing. Her thoughts were of her mother and the love she had for her father. Nothing else seemed to matter as back on the docks of Themyscira, her mother Europa and 15 warriors stood near Heracles’ ship, awaiting word from their Queen Hippolyta. One of the sisters seemed very anxious as she came to Europa.

“Something is wrong. They may have killed the Queen.” stated the sister.

“I see no cause to believe that.” replied Europa

“But we have been here for some time, and still no word. I say we take these men. There are so few of them.”

Europa stares down the sister. “Enough! We have our orders from the Queen, and we shall abide by them! There are only 12 of them, and they show little if any concern over the safety of our Queen or Themyscira! Now stand your ground!”

The sister begrudgingly resumes her position as Europa also knew that it has been somewhat a long period. Just then, Hippolyta and Heracles emerged from the ship and started down the gangway. Europa stood in ranks with her sisters as she approached.

“Europa, I have agreed to give Heracles the Golden Girdle.” she states.

“But why, my queen?”

“There are powers working against us. Heracles believes that what has been happening to our sisters may be the work of the Athenian under the guise of Hera.”

“It is my belief that Hera would rather I'd be destroyed, and possibly use the Amazons plight to have me destroyed by the Amazons.” states Heracles

“Then why we do not follow her wisdom!” states the same anxious sister. Europa glares at her with a look of disdain.

“We are the children Harmonica and Ares. The followers of Artemis and Athena, and not the tools of Hera or no other god!” fires back Europa who had dressed down the sister before the queen as well as Heracles and his men.

Yet back in Themyscira, Achillea was approached by a sister.

“There seems to be some sisters missing, and we can't locate Amazonia.” she states

“Relax Opal, I know where Amazonia is.” replies Achillea

“But several of the sisters on the perimeter are missing.”

It was then another sister with sword and spear ran towards the pair. “Men! They have desecrated our home, and stolen the Queen’s sister Antiope!”

“Who dares enter Themyscira?!” Achillea replies angrily.

“It's obvious! They are the only men on Themyscira!” replies Opal.

Achillea wasted no time as she reached for her sword. “Then the Queen is in danger. We attack. Tell the warriors to mount!”

Amazonia had reached the shore of the Gargareans camp. She seemed unconcerned with patrols or her own defense when she was stopped by 2 of their soldiers. She explained to them she had to speak to Lygos concerning the arrival of Heracles. The soldier escorted her reluctantly to the camp. It was apparent that many of the men had returned from battle. Most were wounded and scarred, and most noticeable were the captured weapons of the Athenians that seem to adorn the central court as a record of the battles they fought for the past 8 years. She was bought to Lygos who was battered as well yet still in good health as he turned to young Amazonia.

“Who are you and what brings you here!” he demanded, not knowing who stands before him.

Amazonia was somewhat awed by his muscular physique and manner as for the first time she took in the sight of her father.

“I come to bring you news of Europa.”

“Impossible! Europa would journey herself, and not send some weak Amazon on such lofty journey!”

Just then the two soldiers draw their blades as Amazonia is flanked by them she anxiously replies. “That's because she know not I came in her place.”

“And who are you?”

“Amazonia...her daughter.”

Lygos raised his right hand and waved off the soldiers, so they sheathed their swords and stepped away. Lygos looked at the young woman as to examine her.

“I must admit, you share her beauty as well my eyes, but you should not of came if Heracles is here.”

“But I had to, father. Mother told me how you would light the fire to signal your return. With mother with the queen, I am the only one who could come for her.”

Amazonia went on to explain to him of Europa’s decision to leave the Amazons, which touched him deeply.

“I see, but this is not the time for us. These past 8 years has proven that both Amazons and Gargareans are being exterminated by the Athenians. Heracles travels have been mirrored by the Athenian King Theseus. He is posing as a friend of Heracles but has another agenda. He has sought out to conquer all of Pontus, and breed the Amazons and patriot the Gargareans as soldiers. Those that oppose him are slaughtered.”

“But why are the gods allowing this?” asks Amazonia.

“Because a God among them wants Heracles to fail. After the last battle, we believe he plans to capture one of the children of Ares as his mate, thus sealing the fate that all Amazons fall to Athens. Chances are he will take Hippolyta.”

“We must stop them!” she states as she stands and grabs her weapons. Yet her father grabs her left wrist.

“Your enemy is not Heracles! This is the work of Hera! Have you not spotted another ship?”

“There were no reports of a sighting. The north shore is rocky and full of dangers for any ship to approach.”

“Not if it stays in the deep channel of the river. You must go back and tell your sisters. I will inform the King and get a boat full of soldiers. You must act now my child, it may be too late as it is!”

Amazonia made it back to her boat and began her journey back to Themyscira, unaware that her sisters were set upon attacking Heracles at that moment. Believing her father’s words, she decided to see if Theseus had indeed shadowed Heracles in the evening sun. With darkness upon her, she knew she wouldn't be seen. As she reached the north end of Themyscira, Theseus’ ship was in full view, as well a lone boat with several men and the abducted Queen Antiope. Amazonia grabbed her weapons and sheathed them before jumping into the cold water and making her way towards Theseus ship.






All other characters are who they are in the Mythological representation.

This story takes place in the :iconangel-fallsda: universe.
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moxiee Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Someone should slap that sister for talking to much.
TrekkieGal Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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No. Who is she?
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Now if I told you, would you read Chapter 5?
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Yes I would. Now I really want to know.
TrekkieGal Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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another truly awesome part of the ongoing battle between the gods and the Amazons, loving it!
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