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Artist // Professional // Digital Art
My Bio

3D Renderist that loves Star Trek

Specialize in Futanari, Transgendered art.

Producer of Stories of Sci-Fi fantasy and Graphic Novels.

I do commission artwork, as well some texture work for DAZ, and Poser items.
2016 Commission Price List by TrekkieGal

I am Transgender, and I ask this in all sincerity. I post pictures of myself from past photo shoots. Please limit your comments to the relevant of the image. I appreciate the accolades, but I really don't want to know what on me you would like to suck.

Yes I am in my 50's DEAL with it.

I don't skype, cam, or any other form of video chatting for the simple reason all I attract are deal with it.

I am a big fan of Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age DC Heroes, especially Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl.

I've recently turned into an old opinated bitch so deal with it.

My birthday badge



Favourite Visual Artist
Keith Garvey, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Milo Manara
Favourite Movies
Patton, Deep Impact, Alien, John Capenter's the Thing
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek TOS, TAS, ENT, TNG, DS9, VOY, Dr Who. Blake 7, The Prisoner, Space Above and Beyond, Firefly
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Lady Gaga, Rhianaha, Nelly Futardo, Fergie, Katy Perryy, Nicki Minaj
Favourite Books
Morbus Gravis, Druuna, Creatura, Carnivora, Mandragora, Aphrodisia, The Forgotten Planet, Clone
Favourite Writers
Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Favourite Games
Sex games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Open Field with natural Grass
Tools of the Trade
DAZ 4.9 Pro Edition (64 bit)
Other Interests
Star Wars
Haven't ate in 3 days. Begging for DonATions. To PayPal .

The End is near

The End is near

I'm not going to mince words here, I doubt I can function anymore. My pain is too intense, it's hard to do anything of late. I am afraid one day I won't be here anymore. I missed my appointment Tuesday because a clerical erron, and Busted my phone, so I'm back to using the old POS. Next appointment is Monday, and chances are I'll end up in the hospital. I can't promise Commissions, but I will try to spit something out other than blood. For now I am in donation mode. Somehow I know I won't last to Election Day.
Doctor appointment Tuesday, hope I get something for the pain. Hope I can come up with some breakfast money.

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Just finished struggling my way through my first ever thesis paper. I chose fanfic as the subject and while the paper itself is no doubt making my professor cringe at this moment a lot of the research was fun. Came across this podcast episode of Imaginary Worlds where they talk about Star Trek Kirk/Spock fanfic and I think you might listening to it.

Now I've got to go study my wiring book for the house wiring class I'm taking.

Thanks for the badge!


I've started classes at my local college and because I'm still working retail I get bad music pounded into my head all day. I've found that listening to this

the bridge background noise from the original Star Trek show helps me study. Thought you might like it.

Thanks for the Llama, T-Girl!

Thank you for Llama :)