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Pfhor Fighter. by Trekkie5000 Pfhor Fighter. by Trekkie5000
This is an alien creature from the Marathon game series. A classic trilogy of FPS games by Bungie. This guy was the first enemy you meet, he's called a fighter, he usually carries a blue-tipped shock staff that can launch green-blue energy projectiles.

I used a few meta balls to form the body, then made the armor from simple planes. The textures for the background were taken from a texture enhancement pack made for the game.
chrisbeaver Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2004  Professional Filmographer
Marine Guy A: "Heads up! Pfhor incoming!"
Marine Guy B: "Four what?"
Marine Guy A:"Pfhor!"
Marine Guy B:"Four pfhor?
Marine Guy A:"No, one Pfhor!"
Marine Guy B:"14..? Make sense, man!"

*the Pfhor, meanwhile, creeps up and levels a weapon at the two Marines*

Both: Pfhuck.


Not bad for a first body attempt. I'm looking for reference pictures, and.. Well, they're tough to come by.. =\ But I've been able to figure out that a Pfhor isn't a robot as I'd previously thought... They gray could make do with some texture to help set it apart from the armor; otherwise it looks like the same surface. Also, the Pfhor seem to be rather gangly; either thinning out the fleshy parts or bulking up the armor would make it look more accurate.

Also, a not on the armor -- Consider trying to model it separately from the character, then group them together later on. It'll give the impression that it's a creature wrapped in metal rather than being a single continupus form.

Keep it up, man! :thumbsup:
Trekkie5000 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fixed the eyes, they were misarranged.
MightyPirate Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2004
Cool, I like it. Could use a little work on the muscles and such but much betten than anything that I could do.
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September 18, 2004
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