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Applibot - Ice Princess Adv

By trejoeeee
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I had lots of fun rendering this one , thank for watching!

Art Direction : Pierre Maneval

Applibot Inc. All Rights Reserved
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© 2014 - 2021 trejoeeee
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какая интересная, яркая работа!
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You are so talented! I really wish my skills were half as good as yours. Heart 
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Amazing work and scene Heart 
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Another incredible piece.
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beautiful work!
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wow, stunning work...
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She is beautiful.....
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woooow amazing details CURSE YOU! Heart Heart 
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Hooooowww did you do that ice effect, man. This is so beautiful!
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This is exceptionally well rendered. I love the muted tones, contrasted with the bits of saturated color here and there. Looks cold but magical. The snowflake/ice crystal pattern on her bust armor (or whatever you call it) is awesome.

I don't know if you like critique or not, but I'm going to give it anyway :) This is regarding her right hand (on the left side of the painting). Considering how her fingers are curling in, especially her pinky, the creases in the palm of her hand should be more prominent. As it is, the surface of the palm looks too flat.

ooh I just noticed the triangular edging you did on her back and the blue of her fabric. That looks pretty nifty. So many details to find!
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Very nice! I like the details on the skin, so it too has a frozen, icy look to it, and there seem to be ice crystals beneath the surface here and there. One quibble: if she's that cold and icy, how come her mascara runs? :)
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good point man , ahaha . I just forgot that detail 
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Wow, this is so good to look at. Loved the color variations.
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This is fantastic art!!!:clap:
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Gorgeous color and detail, what a wonderful effort!
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interesting lighting-
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thank you elsevilla!
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tu arte es genial, sigue subiendo-
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