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Tutorial - Graphite:Portraits



I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Not only does this show and explain the process behind The Hutch but I also shared many very useful tips I've picked up through my experience (mostly discovered on my own). Yes, it's long, but so is a lifetime.

In this tutorial, I talk about:

:bulletred: Holding the pencil
:bulletred: Shading
:bulletred: Planes and tones
:bulletred: Depicting and reading form
:bulletred: Layering pencils
:bulletred: Erasing

There's also a short FAQ section!

Not only that, but it shows dozens of progress photos for The Hutch! In essence, this tutorial has been undergoing plans for some months now. Now I just hope people will like it.

I would like to take this moment to remind you that the purpose of a tutorial is to be spread between people, so please do so if you found it useful and/or interesting :D Thanks for reading.

For those interested in learning more I am writing a book about portraiture such as this tutorial. To give me ideas and such, please see this poll and comment as you please: [link]
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Hey, I wanted to say that I really appreciate the time and effort you invested into making this tutorial! It's really helped people like me express themselves, even today :)