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Clothing Reference - Edit

Edit: I had numerous comments concerning the quality and colour of this image, so I redrew the whole thing and am resubmitting this image to have the new file instead.

Well, I actually remembered I was gonna make this for someone, but I can't remember who. It's basically this [link] but into a nice, short, printable, and explanationless graph of folds. If you're really confused about a fold, look it up on the actual tutorial, as I explain most of them there. If I get enough feedback (and time) I'll do a big detailed one, but that'd be some time from now. Enjoy, and please give credit if you use it :D

By the way, the point of this one is to print it out :P
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really helpful!!
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finally found one about sitting OuO
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Finally! I found some one who made this! Thank you.
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thank you so much
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Honestly, when drawing the more complex folds all I could think of were roses.
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thank you so much!! <3
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Awesome, thanks for making this. :) Very helpful.
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This. Is. So. Helpful.
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its a great thing when people make tutorials for the least expected things. especially great quality ones like this!
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but the quality is shitty <_<
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it at leasts give the basic idea of it and thats really all someone needs ^-^ and the quality is fine. o-o trust me, ive seen shitty quality, and thats DEFINENTLY NOT shitty quality o_O
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thanks alot ... but do you know how to add clothing textures on photoshop ??? plz :D
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i dont use photoshop. textures are about fine detail, so make sure youre using smallish brushes with some actual texture to it. youll have to ask someone who uses photoshop
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ok :D .thnx anyways
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this is real good. thanks :)
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This is very useful. Thank you.
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Oh gosh, thank you so much for making this. I've been having so much trouble with understanding how to draw folds, and this is the first tutorial that is concise and precise enough to be instantly helpful and memorable!
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This is useful.
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