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Black Dragon

Update: Check out the music I made based on this: [link]
Rate it if you like it!

Mouse, Paint Shop Pro, about 7 hours. Print available.

My story has some very epic scenes in it... The little angel-looking-guy-who-is-not-an-angel is Evan, and the dragon is Pandora, also known as The Dragon. I've drawn her before, but in a lesser form. I think it goes without saying that this is her greater form.

Sorry if the fullview looks bad. dA optimises stuff on its own when you make items into prints.

Thanks for viewing. Enjoy ^^
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Coolest thing I have ever seen! It got even cooler when I saw that you used a mouse! incredible!
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that does tend to surprise people. thanks!
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this is awesome, mind if I use the picture for my charaters back story, I'm in a dnd campaign and this picture is perfect for the back story for my ranger character. you will be given credit of course you did an awesome job 
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if it's just for private/personal use then that is fine. let me know how your game goes
phantomxV1's avatar
ok, and thanks. stay awesome ^^
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Wow is the ms paint its so good
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At first I thought this was just some cool drawing of a huge honking dragon.... then I saw the little angel.

The war of end times, much? :)
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you could certainly say so
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Best dragon drawing I've ever seen!! WOW!!
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Dear goodness, this is.... AMAZING OMG!!!!
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oh my god... this is mesmerizing. wonderful. 
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Beautiful work! It reminds me of that song: Dissection - Black Dragon
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Wow... that is spectacular...
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nice...the music suits the art
reminds me of reign of fire movie.It could have been used as cover art.Great work.
if there is a story behind this i would very much like to read it
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heres the progress of the story im writing:…
if a story is behind this, is it puplicly puplished i would like to read it
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Oh geez do I feel tiny when I look at this picture o.o ... *looks down at right, broken shoe* Hey, I need some new shoes

Seriously though, amazing picture you have here
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It looks like me in the morning ^^
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