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In collaboration with my club TreesWithCharacter I've decided to produce this news article on the best trees with character I could find!

I've included photography, digital art & traditional art.

I hope you enjoy the following features, make the time to comment & :+fav: as appropriate, & also feel free to join my club TreesWithCharacter :D

Kindest regards

The Dark Tree by x-horizon :thumb37983950: Cemetery Tree by 32tsunami :thumb63383410: :thumb44886470: Parasite by rhin-sowilo :thumb46008171: In The Land Of Baba Yaga VII by kiebitz Remember Tomorrow by kiebitz :thumb49258476: Primavera by RicardoNobrega Day Dreaming by euthanasiablue Sleepless by Solkku :thumb43176913: ::It Weeps in Silence:: by JunkbyJen Phantom Cathedral by greenandyellow Dead tree by slecocqphotography My Dream by AniFantasy What a Grey Day by didumdidum Still Lonely by didumdidum Knowledge Tree by jagscupid touching nature V by ornie forever after by foureyes Weird texture by Insan-Stock weird tree study by JoeMacGown Fetal Tree by redredundance :thumb38540386: Fine Arts Museum tree by Elorine Love Tree by frecklefaced29 The Moon Tree by Lunar-Epitaph :thumb53278362: Bonsai by dynopunk Spirit of the Bonsai by theblackline Bonsai by peACeFrOG143 The Red Tree by WhiteClaw48 :thumb31394722: Hallowe'en Tree by Atratus Strange tree by Sally-Avernier :thumb42675485: ''ColoredPencil Tree'' by arghavan erm tree.. by likeatinglass Blossoming sky by Elorine .MISSING YOU. by evol1314 Skating Away by aquapell Fishing for Fractals by rougeux   what dreams by netghost :thumb47699915: Big Tree... by xKuranx Tree of Life by bugdown Please pass the heartfruit...? by kheleksul :thumb14155877: :thumb14155877: Surreal red black tree ReMix by Djohaal Tree of Life by luther1000 :thumb52100311: :thumb41268170: :thumb61441634: Branched Worlds by Inebriantia Surreal Gnarled Tree by Entropy7 Play by RushinRussian486 Tree Warp by SqeezyCheezsCreator gloom tree by kt4d Swirled Tree by adriayna :thumb25827981: Lone Tree by studio7designs The Tree by Tanager Tree and sun by Tantrosa tree by blue-lobster Against A Winter Sky by lowapproach :thumb35763804: Roots by chicajlb06 size doesnt matter by raun :thumb34853555: La seve by Aimelle too fast by wholba :thumb57649400: Snow Fall 1 by LisaValo MG: Ex XII by ledzep5559 woodland by Erythnul-Harlequin the Things you'll Never see by haaru Shattered Dreams by ALP-Dreams Dark tree 2 by PhotoPask Bad weather by philho SAM's tree by trixiewabbit A Dead Giant by futureplug :thumb53553057: :thumb64761005: Silhouette by scottalynch:thumb46821498: Epic Tree by dethviking The Mistress Of Night Tree by IMustBeDead Looking Up by ARainbowPrincess Hypnosis by ArtIsterik Apple Tree by Schatten-Drache Tree by mymamiya Old Growth by mymamiya :thumb63472056: :thumb51820021: New Thrash by steverobles The Dead Marshes by Huomenna :thumb50907628: Serenity by SilverAnubis Nightmare by SilverAnubis :thumb51462595: Character by SilverAnubis The Great Faerie Tree by ash-night-k One Tree Hill by hewsan
© 2007 - 2021 TreesWithCharacter
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Barchee's avatar
I love this collection :heart:
RobinKater's avatar
wonderful collection
netghost's avatar
Keen, thanks for including some of my old work ;)

Some amazing photos there!
MirandaRose-Stock's avatar
jva3's avatar
simply wonderful!
MirandaRose-Stock's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :hug:
Lunar-Epitaph's avatar
Wow...thanks so much for featuring me! :)
xKuranx's avatar
thanks a million for putting my work in a feature
im surprised mine actually was eye catching
alexisbc's avatar
Nice features :)
linedanser's avatar
    thank you so much
    for featuring me..! <3

    lovely collection. :]

PhotoPask's avatar
Great feaures!

I'm glad to stay there with all these good photographers!

Congratulations for your club! :D

ThisWomanWanders's avatar
Some lovely work here. Kudos on the selection. :)
ussama's avatar
lol nice i like but i must say if ur takin about trees with texture you can disclude the sleepy hollow tree!
ArtIsterik's avatar
thank you so much for the feature!!!
great selection!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
SeaMist's avatar
Great features!
Thanks for featuring one of my works :hug::heart:
philho's avatar
Superb choice, very inspiring.
I saw the same tree twice in a row, you should check you didn't left one instead.
rhin-sowilo's avatar
Thanks so much for the feature! :XD: :+fav:
arkiNat's avatar
Kewl! 8-) The first tree looks alive. Others show emotions, too.

hewsan's avatar
Great selections.
Enjoying the variety, and lots to explore.
Silverwolf4000's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
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